Tuesday, December 13, 2011

(sniffle) I'm more upset about it than he is...

Current Mood : Sad

(sigh) Not feeling too good today - so it was a good day to do something I was not one bit eager to do.

Dearest Son has a stable of Monster High dolls now, but it all started with a $5. bashed-box DracuLaura, from GoodWill. She had a weak arm that had serious trouble staying together at the elbow, but Dearest didn't care. Once he had her, and a Frankie, he was happy...until he, like me, wanted more. I think it's hereditary.

Somewhere between GWill and our last move, poor DLaura got two splotches of ink on her face. Dearest told me she'd gotten that in his toybox, it wasn't from the move, but he played with her still, driving the Barbie cars around, even as I occasionally tried to fix her arm again. And redid her hair.

Zip forward a few months, and I'm holding my own GoodWill DracuLaura, the Dead Tired one, still stapled and twist-tied into her box liner. She's missing a hand, but I couldn't leave her there ! Once I got her hair down, I saw how different her face was from my other DLauras, and wanted to keep her...but what was I gonna do about that hand ? While I debated, she sat on the shelf patiently, a quiet figure of doll tragedy that saddened me every time I saw her. 

I decided that I'd try to sell/trade my 'Fearleader' DLaura and sacrifice my 'Forbitten Romance' one, since she looked so much like all the others. I thought further that I could offer Dearest a straight-out trade for his damaged doll, or just replace his doll's arm, since I was gonna steal FR's hand. Same arm, too. It was up to him.

He spent a day thinking about it. He'd miss his first DLaura, but he really liked the new one... At day's end, he decided on an even swap, and was happy with his better-armed, fresh-faced doll. I just feel so bad for the old one ! I'm not sure what to do with her, so I have her tucked away. I decided to be happy that two dolls are being enjoyed, and hope that one day, I can find use for the third.

Hmm...which of the 'Create A Monster' sets are light pink...? 

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