Thursday, December 29, 2011

Organization...or Enjoying Your Hoard

Current Mood : least it's not 'better getta bucket' ! 

Still in a rather weird place, health-wise. I'm not really sick, but I'm not anywhere near the top of my game either. So I'm riding it out. Watched a buncha movies, ate a lot of rice, read all but one library book, and that one'll be done tomorrow night at the latest, if I feel the same way then.

Since I wasn't moving around much, I figured I may as well do some sorting. I've been meaning to do something about the underbed box o' Monster High delights for a while, no time like the present. And I needed a distraction. The underbed box was stuffed full - too full ! - of darn near everything. DracuLaura's coffin bed, Lagoona's Hydration Station, a box of props, a Sailor Moon softside lunchbag of shoes, and *all* the clothes. And we all know that anytime anything is packed that tight, ya can't find anything. Clearly, something needed to be done.

I played with several ideas, while I played with the clothes and props, and got the ComicCon MH totebag down, sorted through all the random bits it contained. Hmm...How was I gonna do this...? In the end, I decided to keep the bed and hydration station, along with the box of props. all the stands, and all the paper bits (diaries, leaflets, booklets, etc.) in the underbed box. All the clothes and the lunchbag of shoes went into the MH totebag, and lemme tell ya, it's getting close to full already ! Still to come : sewing a Velcro (tm) closure on it, soon.

I stored the damaged DLaura in the underbed box, too, after slipping her into the 'hospital gown' dress. It was bad enough I was semi-abandoning her, I didn't need to leave her naked, too. The green of it made me think of one of the first things I ever made for the ghouls, a floral blouse and denim skirt edged in green thread to match. The hem on that blouse was so horrible, I'd covered it with green ribbon, which amazingly looks like a design choice instead of a cover-up. Since Abbey still needed something new to wear, I found that and put it on her, with some matching green sandals. It wasn't until later that I realized that she was wearing strappy sandals with what looked like a cold-weather outfit, but I adapted the story to mention they were her first experience with such a shoe type, and she didn't quite see the fashion faux pas, so darn it, she was gonna wear what she really, really liked ! I can rationalize anything.

So, aside from the day - possibly this weekend - when I dump everything out of the tote bag to sew a closure, everything's put away for now. And I gotta confess this : even when I had all of Barbie's clothes arranged in the cubby set Beloved Hubby made me, I still really loved to dump it all on the floor and sort through the wealth of clothes until something - or some doll ! - spoke to me. So I think the totebag is gonna work out just fine. Plus, with the way it was, I wasn't using any of it at all, so the totebag is an improvement. 

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  1. Glad to see you've made an effort. I have to get back into sort mode myself. New year new effort :O)

    Like the outfit Abbey's wearing. The glasses look good on her too.