Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gil, Gillington, Gil Webber, Gil, Lagoona's boyfriend, Gil, Gil Wulfenbach...(whoops, wrong series !) Gil...

Current Mood : So happy...

I got Gil ! I got GIL ! IgotGil, IgotGill, IgotGilIgotGillIGOTGIIIIILLL !

Didja hear ? I got Gil last night ! (happy spin) So happy...

Late last night, a frequent poster on the LiveJournal Monster High group reported that a friend she'd made at Mal-Wart called to tell her they got a buncha new MH dolls in. She went over and -wow ! - her friend showed her a whole stand-alone display of MH doll goodness. All the 'Skull Shores' dolls, and lots of Toralei and Spectra, and Abbey dolls were well-represented. She gleefully selected what she needed, took a couple photos of the display, and posted news and images for us.

I didn't know Beloved Hubby was reading over my shoulder until he asked, "Wanna go ? We can." Oh, I dearly wanted to...but money is so tight right now. He reassured me that we'd be OK if our Mal-Wart had him - we could get him, but until more resources flowed, that'd pretty much be my Christmas. Would that be OK with me ?

OK ? (blank blink) OK ? I'd be delirious if that was my Christmas ! Still, it was after 10pm - I hated to even burn gas for another disappointment. So I called first. No one was in Toys, someone from Electronics took one for the team and checked for me. He was gone so long, I just knew his answer would be nope, don't have a Gil, sorry lady, that I'd already had my perky 'thanks for looking, have a nice evening' reassurance reply cued and ready to go.

So I was stunned to my socks when he came back on the line with the news that he had the sole Gil in his hand. I think my voice probably approached a frequency that only unlucky dogs could hear when I squeaked out a plea for him to please, pretty please hold him for me - I'd be there in a half-hour. He assured me he could hold him 'til his break time...in a half hour. I had my shoes and coat on, and Starlight's keys in Beloved's hand before he could even ask how my phonecall went, and we were on our way.

Fifteen minutes later, we were at Electronics, asking if there was a Monster High doll lurking around, and he and another lady beamed as they gave him to me. And there he was, at last - my Gil. (happy sigh) He's perfect...

I've been useless ever since, which is OK, it's not been a day of heavy decisions. My appointment with my primary care physician was mostly a 'catch up' discussion of how I was feeling. I can call in my next set of prescriptions and they'll mail 'em to me ! Heart's not looking much better at first glance, although we are awaiting more of a detailed outlook once the cardiologists have a chance to study my updated data. They haven't quite gotten to me yet. Got my eyes dilated afterwards, and I'm still having some 'halo' and visual distortions. Can't drive - or sew ! - like that, so I took a bit of a nap to rest the worst of it away, and then decided to tidy up a bit.

The cardboard box my Fearleader doll outfits and tattoo roller came in clearly had to go. And I needed to make another bulletin board. That I could do ! Taped two pieces of the cut-up box together, covered it with some striped fabric featuring subliminal skulls, and strung a ribbon to hang it - yaay ! No more box, and a free bulletin board to pin up medical notices, stray pattern pieces, and due date receipts from the library. Maybe a coupon or two. Hope to find my push-pins next time I dig in the stored boxes. Luckily I already found a few.


  1. Hooray for getting Gil! Merry Christmas! =D

  2. LOL! Merry Christmas to you, Dorrie, that's awesome! Can't wait to see him unboxed! :)

  3. I'm so happy for you. He's my 1st MH guy purchase :O)