Saturday, December 31, 2011

Girl chat !

Current Mood : Hopeful and reminiscent

McRib Count : 10 (I think I forgot to list a few)

Had a really nice New Year's Eve. Had a nice, hot shower (Beloved Hubby had to fix the bathroom plumbing again), read for a while, played for a while, and finished up the Monster High storage solution. Freed up two 'My Scene' director's chairs I've been meaning to spray-paint to a less pink color, but heck. They look fine with DracuLaura and Ghoulia, so I may leave them as-is. I have the 'name' part of the back turned around, so I might replace the plastic seat and back later. When you put a plastic doll wearing synthetic fabric in a vinyl chair, the slide is almost Teflon-ish.

Found a Herrschner's catalog in the living room, and asked to borrow it. (sigh) I remember getting those in the mail when I was a kid. Once it entered my mother's bedroom, it was gone. Until the next new one came out, then I got the old one to dream over. I loved to dream over all the projects and kits - it was like Hobby Lobby in magazine form.  

I saw one a couple years ago, and sighed over it, too, thinking back to when I used to do all those crafts - hand embroidery, cross-stitch, latch hook. Back then, I was filled with regret that I didn't have time for those arts anymore. Today, I leafed through it, noting that Herrschner's is more into puzzles than gluing sequins to felt calendars, although that particular craft is still represented - but without regrets. Cross stitch and latch hook were fun...when I was a kid. Now, they're tedious, make my hand ache, and nobody knows what to do with the creation when it's complete ! I've given away almost everything I've ever done from those days - and it was kind of hard to justify a $10. kit and weeks of work to give to anyone who might want the thing. Thinking on it now, I'm glad I dropped 'em when I did. If I have endless hours in front of me again - and I hope 2012 is better for me, health-wise ! - then I might get bored enough for cross-stitch again. Thing is, do I have enough people to give stuff away to these days ? (grin)

We went out to dinner in a nearly silent town. We were too early for the partiers, and in the wrong section of town. Then we came back, watched Cars 2  from the RedBox, and relaxed the night away. I had a sewing project ready for a few minutes 'til midnight, for the old superstition 'What you're doing at midnight on New Year's, you'll do all year !'. Here's hoping I sew a lot of doll clothes this next year !

Speaking of superstitions, I can't wait for tomorrow. I get to take down the Christmas decorations ! If I had my way, they'd be down late on the 25th - I'm not big on cluttery holiday stuff - but I've had this dumb superstition as part of my spine from birth. Taking down Christmas decorations before Jan. 01 portends bad luck for the new year...and while I know in every fiber that makes bonus-sized me that it's a silly thing to believe, I am just not willing to take the chance !

Hope you have a really thoughtful and calm evening - see ya next year ! 

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  1. The girls look good. Is Ghoulia wearing a My Scene shirt? It looks cute on her. As I said in my previous comment I have tons (not literally) of clothes and do dads to sort. I wish there were more kids around I'd give them a bunch of stuff.

    Here's to hoping the superstition holds true for the new year :O)