Thursday, December 15, 2011

We're #6 !

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Super-quiet day, no med appointments, no real work done. I was still kinda tired, and read for a while, did some dishes - tomorrow's Laundry Day, wheee.

So about all I really have to yammer on about is an article on how there's no 'must-have' toy of 2011. According to the New York Times article, retailers are so scared of getting stuck with stock, they haven't bought much beyond classics like board games, and even those are more expensive than before. While some things are hard to find, nothing's a 'must have'. A similar Time article parrotted most of the NY Times one, going on to wail that they almost miss the Tickle Me Elmo / Cabbage Patch Kids crazes. I'm sure the author of that article misses chariot races, too - didn't people get hurt trying to get those things, not too long ago ?

On the plus side, the 'Dead Tired' MH dolls did get listed on the Time 'Top Toys of 2011'  article - we're number 6 !,28804,2101344_2100678_2100672,00.html  . Of course, I'm wondering where Time was in 2010 - shoot, half their 'top toys' list from that list, I've never seen. Oh, I saw those nightmarish Sing-A-Ma-Jigs...(shuddder) For some reason, their mouths creep me out !

Plus, there's also today's webisode, featured in tonight's image ! It really was cute, and I now have a peek at what to make for Abbey's nightwear. Those slippers are gonna be a pain, though.

One thing that's funny about it. I used to study cartoons and animation as a hobby, so I'm used to seeing things flicker from frame to frame. Just as Abbey tells Cleo that she's lost, Abbey blinks - and her eyes get bigger and darker, for a fraction of a second. Like her eyes dilated ! Just like what happens to most humans when they see a baby or kitten - or win a game ! So funny...

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