Saturday, February 13, 2016

(Yawn) Hi !

Sorry I was late with yesterday’s entry – tummyache again. I’m gonna hafta address this hernia thing with my primary Dr. soon. It’s getting really frustrating. It was off-and-on all day and really did a number on my sleep last night.

Actually, all three of us here at Chez Insanity had a poor night’s sleep, but full slates for today. Dearest Son was going to visit his grandparents, Beloved Hubby had to work and check on a potential purchase, a slightly used tool trailer, first thing in the morning, and I had most of our anniversary to m’self, although I was darn near too sleepy to do much with it ! Eighteen years. Still can’t believe it’s been so long, so fast. Beloved got me my favorite breakfast, and woke me with a cheery, ‘Happy ‘I Can’t Believe You Married Me’ Day !’. I’d marry him tomorrow, if I could.  

He came home for lunch with a new-to-us tool trailer, and the offer to get a new TV for the Playroom, but I kinda wanted to hold off on further large purchases for a bit. He has a side job that should pay out soon, so we’ll probably find one shortly after. Ironically, Dearest’s grandparents offered us a TV, a small CRT one they found, which was sweet of them, but we already have two sets, and refuse to have ‘em in the dining area or bedrooms. Plus, there’s no. zarking. way. that I’m renting another cable box ! I’m about ready to tell ‘em to cancel this useless local tier and come get their equipment. But it’s not really AT&T’s fault the major networks’ programming ranks on ice. And around here, you need some local channels for weather information.

So I had a nice lunch with Beloved, and luxuriated in a short nap, then realized I hadn’t yet requested my insulin refills and needed to take a ‘script inventory and get all I need ordered. I was sort of half-dozing in front of an MST3K episode when Dearest was ready to come home, and an hour later, Beloved was home. Hoping to make Luke some pants tonight, I’ve a nice royal blue if I don’t have orange, I haven’t even looked yet. I also studied what Han’s ‘bloodstripe’ (the yellow or red piping down the length of his pants) looks like, in hopes of replicating it sometime. It’ll be a challenge.

But first, shirts ! It’s great that everyone will soon have well-fitting pants, but after that, I gotta get going sewing ‘em some shirts, for sure.


  1. 18 years!?! Congratulations! That's quite a milestone.
    Take care of your health, I've been spending the last little while getting reminded that we only get one body.

  2. Wow, 18 years! You guys definitely must be doing something right! :D Happy anniversary to you both!