Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Well-supported Wednesday !

Beloved Hubby got paid for that gorgeous table and benches set he crafted, and he sent me and Dearest Son to good ole Mal-Wart – we all needed. . . um, foundation garments. Mine have been in circulation since 2007 – 2009, and are lookin’ stretched and shabby, the guys’ are only a year or two less so. Of course, that’s not all we bought ! I got an adorable pair of black flats, much like the ones I like to stitch up for my dolls, a Barbie dress, and the other Elsa makeup figurine set I’ve been wanting. Yaay !

I was waiting for my TRU Reward for the Elsa figurine, but while the site says $150. spent = $5. reward, it doesn’t pay out ‘til you reach $10. Which, for us, probably won’t happen until Dearest has kids. Especially now that there’s so few Ghoulia dolls, Mattel had to respond to a ‘Save Ghoulia’ social media group with a ‘We’re not dumping Ghoulia !’ message. I may buy from TRU more now that their prices are about the same as Mal-Wart’s, with better selection, but $150. is at least ten dolls, often more, the way I shop ! That’s a lotta dolls when I can think of maybe three I might want.

Anyway. Elsa makeup figure / doll. I bought the Frozen Fever version from TRU, and  wanted the movie one, but worried a tad that it might vanish before I could snag it. When I saw M-W had a few last time, I knew I’d snag on our next visit. It’s just odd to me that, the Little Kingdom  series of small dolls is made by Hasbro. My makeup figurines are identical to LK, but they’re made by Jakks Pacific ! Wish I could have seen the legal and financial wrangling on that agreement !

The Barbie dresses were quite pretty. This one is from a set of three that includes a poppy print dress I also like, and it looks like the print goes all the way around ! That’s pretty amazing for Barbie clothes, I’ve bought $7. dresses that couldn’t claim that. This one was only $5., with shoes and a sort of collar-necklace. I was even more impressed when I got a closer look and saw that the tulle overskirt isn’t a single layer of black – there’s a layer of red, too. Nice ! I have no idea who’s gonna wear it.


  1. I do wish Mattel would return to the time when Barbie clothes were beautiful all the way around.
    Your Elsa figurine is cute as a button. I'm wondering: is she only a figurine or is she also a bottle of nail polish? (With her being the top and the nail polish bottle being the skirt)
    Congratulations to your husband, with so much furniture being sold ready-made you have to be extremely talented for people to want your custom-made work.

  2. I'll pass along your compliments, Maricha ! I love to see Beloved blush. The Elsa figurines are nail polish (original) and hair goop (Fever) in the skirts, and you can swap 'em around. Since the dolls can be posed and clothes-swapped, I figured the figures were more my speed. Plus, I love those makeup-filled glitter-skirts !

  3. :-)
    Ah! I love it when beauty products get really creative packaging.