Tuesday, February 23, 2016

About the closest to snow we got this 'winter'. . .

It’s mostly better, ‘cause I did whatever I wanted to today. Which was darn near nothin’. Cut out that freebie Alex pattern I snagged off Craigslist, in hopes I could tweak it to fit FT Frankie, but I haven’t sewn it yet. It took the last of the scraps from a fat quarter – there’s just postage-stamp sized bits of it left.

Beloved Hubby got to experience the mommy klatch at Game Day for himself, and remarked that he now understood my reluctance to go in the first place. You’d think they’d welcome a guy who gives himself to his son, but evidently it’s not just me they don’t like. Bite ‘em.

Meanwhile, Snow Glow Elsa’s shoes arrived, in perfect shape, so now I wanted to get a brush through her hair and make her pretty again. I bought a new one, in a deep glittery chrome-like blue, last time we went to Dollar Tree, as I broke my last one trying to repair the deep wadded mats of ‘Iris’ (Disney Store Rapunzel) hair. Got Elsa’s hair good and soaked and wrapped her up in a kitchen towel – she looks great in a red hood, I’ll have to make her one, and a dirndl – after I took her dress off. Despite Amazon reviews to the contrary, her dress is removable, long as you open her battery pack and pull the cord that powers the dress’ built-in lights. The cord is also anchored to her leg with a clear elastic, simple to remove. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t buy a new one, a doll’s kinda not worth it to me if I can’t redress her. True, you have to accommodate her necklace, but that’s not a huge deal.

Her hair is actually pretty good quality, not nearly as messy and snarled as ‘Iris’ locks got, and it brushed out easily with minimal shed. I may braid it back up later, but for now, I like to see it down and long, she looks less sophisticated that way.

Oh, and I forgot to tell ya – she’s had three sets of batteries, including the ones she came with, and her ‘says phrases from the film’ feature just doesn’t work. She sings, and her dress lights up beautifully, but pressing her necklace button in the right switch mode does nothing. Ah, well. I pulled her batteries completely, to avoid corrosion, anyway. Snow Glow Elsa is my thirteenth LDP-style doll, and her presence officially fills the last of the available Toddler Princess space. If I want another, one I have now has to go. Sad, but that’s Chez Insanity for ya.


  1. Great job she looks just like new! To be honest I have never gotten into the bigger sized dolls, but every time I visit the Disney Store the animators dolls seem to sing to me!! They are so cute, and if I don't stop going, I'm sure one day one will follow me home!

    Great job again, and she looks great in her shoes! It must have been so satisfying to finally put them on.

  2. Wow, she is beautiful! You did great work with her.