Friday, February 12, 2016

At Last - Man Doll Pants !

Indy's on your left, Han's on the right. Rrrowr !

You’ll laugh, but first thing this morning, I got an e-mail from the Mattel Shop – free shipping for Valentine’s weekend ! Too bad everything I’m sort-of interested in is either sold out, coming soon, back ordered, or pre-order.

And given what little I’ve seen out of Toy Fair this year, the savings will just keep on coming ! Haven’t seen a single Ghoulia, although the ‘kiddier, gentler’ MH dolls are on full display. Ah, well, I’ve already resolved that little issue in my head, so, moving right along. . . .

Look who’s finally wearing pants that fit ‘em ! After making a wardrobe of clothes to fit my vintage 1978 Large Size Action Figure Princess Leia – including a repro of the never-produced Kenner ‘rebel orange’ flight suit – years and years ago, I’d intended to start work on the even less-dressed guy dolls of the same line. After all, I had not only Han and Luke, but due to a mis-listed eBay auction, Indiana Jones, too, and they all needed specialty clothes. I’m lucky that they all share the same body, but it doesn’t even come close to fitting Ken clothes, especially pants. Sometimes I lucked out with Ken shirts, but most of the pants and shorts made for Ken gapped open in the back on all the SW dudes. Not good.

But since I’d had great luck and greater fun adapting existing and creating all-new patterns for Leia, I figured I could do the same for Han, Luke, and Indy. Not sure why I didn’t, or what distracted me. That happens a lot. But it never happened, and they’ve been moved countless times still wearing the same ill-fitting, often dusty clothes. I’d feel guilty on unpacking day, but until yesterday, hadn’t done anything about it. And now, I could use knit fabrics with ease, too ! You may remember that *all* of Leia's wardrobe was of woven cottons. . .

Turned out, it was pretty easy. I snagged a pattern for Ken pants, and measured both the pattern and the doll, adding/subtracting a ¼” seam allowance when needed. Turned out, Han’s waist and hips were both about ¾” bigger, so I folded the Chellywood pattern in half, cut on the fold, and taped a strip of paper in the middle, then double-checked the measurements. These were simple, one-pattern-piece back-closure pants, so it’d be easier to sew it out than fuss with paper fittings. I selected a gorgeously variegated dark green shirt I’d rescued from a thrift’s ‘Free !’ bin months back – it was already out on the cutting table ‘cause the cube I had for knit shirt fabric was packed tight, and I just couldn’t re-donate it. Once I cut in, I discovered the inside was a luscious dark black – two colors in one shirt. Glad I saved it !

Went for green first – natch ! – and it fit ! So of course I made the black version tonight, and the ‘twins’ are modelling for us. If you’ve ever wanted a Han or Indy doll, here’s how to tell ‘em apart : Indy has ashier brown hair, his back mold mark reads ‘1981’. Han’s hair is a more reddish brown, and he has identical mold marks, except for his ‘1978’ date. Or shorthand – Indy has blue eyes, Han has brown. I always wondered how Harrison Ford felt about that. Luke has an entirely different head mold, thank Everything, and I’m sure you’ll see him soon. Hmm… wonder if I have any orange t-shirts in the cube ?


  1. Woo! Reversible fashions coming soon? Guys almost never get nifty reversible duds!

  2. What a perfect fit on both of them! Strange that you were able to get to this point by using a Ken pattern as a base because his are the worst fitting.
    Here's wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Saint Valentine.