Thursday, February 11, 2016

I think that pretty much sums it up for me.

(wry smile) Once again, for the second or third year in a row, I think, I have completely forgotten about the International Toy Fair. It’s this weekend. To my credit, the last several have been total crap – at least for the stuff I’m most interested in – and with the new Barbie bodies, I completely expect this year’s to be all about Babs again. MH represents more at ComicCon, and even that didn’t interest me much last year. Or any year past the one Slo-Mo was introduced.

As for the new Barbie bodies, well, I have just three or four questions, the primary one being, Why is the fat curvy doll stuck with the ugliest clothes and most boring hair ? I realize the doll can’t possibly look as good in standard Babs-wear, but she’s not being given the chance to wear anything remotely resembling the ‘glamor’ or ‘cute’ stuff that comprises most of Barbie’s usual wardrobe. Frankly, the stuff the Curvies come with is more Mal-Wart and far less Armani – there’s not a Team Glam or VaVa Violet in the Curvy line, I’m sure you’re not surprised.

I’ve half convinced myself that they only come with flat feet, too. (No, they don’t – standard Babs ‘no cankle’ feet here)  Just like in the real world, the only thing Original and Extra Curvy can share is shoes and earrings. And I’ve yet to see more than ‘blue’ ‘brown’  ‘green’ and ‘grey’ in the reported 22 eye colors. To be frank, I’m not wildly impressed, but I am curious. Because I refuse to sink $17.50 (yup, $7.50 to ship a $10. doll) into something I’ll probably end up donating in frustration (yeah, that Rosie O’Donnell doll didn’t stand a chance no matter how I rerooted her), so I’m again waiting for that legendary harsh light of retail. I’m also wondering if it’s just a stunt, that if they don’t sell, Mattel will have shut down all the complainers (“Hey, we gave you all you wanted, and you didn’t buy ‘em, we’re done !”) once and for all. If they do sell (i.e., they’re actually still around by Christmas) it’s all good for Mattel, too.

Speaking of dolls, I've finally begun a special project – one I meant to start years ago. I’m working for another one with zero patterns and a unique body, which means altering freebie or drafting my own patterns. I’ve got one matched to the measurements, we’ll see if it works tomorrow. Wish me (and him !) luck !


  1. I think the problem with people wanting Barbie to have different body types is that they forget she's,first and foremost, a fashion doll. Just as a designer makes sure all his models can trade clothes, a Barbie owner wants all their dolls to share clothes. Obviously Mattel could change all Barbie bodies but since their doll vastly outsells normal-bodied ones like Lammily, that will never happen.
    Offering all these options might have worked when people sewed for their dolls but not these days.
    I'm curious about who the doll you're sewing for is.

  2. I think I saw some photos showing that the curvy and standard Barbies actually had different sized shoes, which is an interesting way to go. I kinda like the blue haired one, myself.