Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dorrie vs. Dollar Tree Dogs

Game Day today ! Went pretty well, although I confess I didn’t wanna go. One of the minor issues that bothered me last month was our Library declaring that I’d damaged a book. Water damage. And, since it was a new book, I had to pay to replace it – thirty bucks ! And with that kind of fine on my card, I couldn’t use any of the Library’s services ‘til I got it under ten bucks. No debate, no negotiations, just twenny bucks if I wanted to check out anything or use a room ever again then ten more to pay it off. I had a year to do so, then it’d go to ‘Special Collections’, whatever that means. Of course, two days later, I got word that my request for that Force-forsaken Star Wars novelization was waiting for me. Arrrgh. Luckily, we had the fundage that week.

What all that has to do with Game Day was that I was whining about it with S. when some guy I’ve never met announces in a rather snotty tone, “Well, I’ve never damaged a Library book before. I’ve never even had a fine !” . I gave him my sweetest, most insincere smile and said, “How nice for you. I hope you never get into a problem with the Local Library System with no recourse !” and continued the insipid grin until he turned away. S. told me later he’d been proclaiming his superiority as a parent (on weekends) to anyone that would listen until I came in with Dearest Son. Hate to be so rude, but. . . well, I’m good at it ! I had less than zero interest in dealing with Mister Perfection again, but he gave me a wide berth. Whew !

Then, while making our usual visit to Dollar Tree, there was some guy with a dog, casually shopping the food area, by the bread racks. Um, what ? It was just a cocker spaniel / poodle mix with muddy paws and not even a rabies or address tag, much less anything that indicated it was a registered service animal. Of course, no one employed at DTree was willing to bother said dog lover – yes, they already knew, and it wasn’t my place to say anything, I’m just another customer  - so, we left. Manager said she’d look up ‘the rules’, but I already know if they’re not gonna do squat while the dog’s in the store, they ain’t doing anything later. Between my allergies and Dearest Son’s fears, it’s not worth my time. If they want to become PetSmartCo, fine, they can do without my $20.- $30. a week. I requested the nebulous ‘rules’ from Corporate, but haven’t heard back yet. Not really counting on it, either.

Sorry to all you dog folks – I just don’t like buying food from a place I know hosts any animal that any person decides to drag in whenever. I know humans are probably dirtier, but I’m only metaphorically allergic to humans. However, all the service dogs I see at the VA are welcome anytime, they’re awesome !

Home tomorrow. Hope I get to sew something – I’m about to give up on going out in public !


  1. I actually had to look up some stuff about this since we have had a rash of people bringing pets in our store. Apparently (if my understanding is right) only dogs and miniature horses are recognized in the state as service animals, service animals do no have to wear or carry anything saying they ARE a service animal (with the exception of dog assisting the blind), and it is not lawful for a store to ask someone about their animal even BEING a service animal.

    I mean... I get it, people have service animals for things like emotional support and that's valid. But it just seems like the law was drafted so that stores are powerless to prevent someone potentially being bitten by a random person's random dog on their property.

    1. (snort) I know, the dog has more rights than I do. Today at a local grocer, some guy was walking around barefoot. I'm about to just give up and order food and everything online.

    2. Ugh, barefoot people and the people who go around wearing houseshoes just.... UGH! When did people stop having a sense of shame and self-respect?

  2. People bring dogs into stores here all the time. It doesn't usually bother me, but sometimes it's a complete WTH moment!

    While at the grocery store one time I had this woman a little younger than me, come up to me with an arm full of stuff and ask if I would buy it for her.

    I'm all for helping, but at the same time you would think someone there would have been like, "hey you can't do that in here."

    I think everything online is a great idea.

    ps. Got some new fat quarters at walmart, they seem like good quality and I like the different prints they have. they were 96 cents each too!

  3. Soon we'll be longing for the days when people carried their dogs in bags even if that got them high up enough to nip at strangers.