Thursday, February 25, 2016

And her tail turns purple in sunlight ! Wish mine did. . .

Looks like the glue on yesterday’s ‘lucky’ find, the miniature coat rack, is holding. Not realizing it’d broken, Dearest Son picked it up and played with it a bit, no problem. Whew ! It looks good enough to be in the background of photos, maybe with something light draped over it, which is about all I wanted in the first place. So I’m happy.

Got the first set of IL cats to the vets for their ‘no kittens’ surgeries and back again. Boys first. Went pretty well, although the cat transport is now cracked (sigh). No big deal, if it survives Girl Version Saturday long enough to get the kitties home, that’s good enough. Their ‘fix’ surgery prices are pretty reasonable, so Junior-kitty might soon find hearth and home a bit more appealing than showing up to eat and run once or twice a day.

As a reward for my good DIL deeds, Beloved Hubby decided we’d have a McTreat for dinner. I went for a MLP Mighty Kids Meal. My weight’s down just a bit, so I want to keep the momentum going. A Mighty Kids Meal is about 500 calories, and once you subtract the soda (didn’t drink it), the Go-Gurt (gave it to Dearest Son), and the fries I split with Beloved Hubby, mine was probably even less. I checked out before I left, and hoped for one pony toy in particular – and I got her ! What luck, I didn’t even ask. So now, I’m the proud owner of my very own Coco Pommel ! Isn’t she adorable ?


  1. Yes she is. Still liking green, I see :-)

  2. Hope it's not rude to ask, but how much did the kitty fixing cost you? I only ask because mine will probably need it soon and it will give a better idea of what to expect, even though I'm sure prices are different in different places.