Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday, Moanday. . .

Not the best of days. I’ve been having some shortness of breath lately, and since it’s always worst at night, haven’t had much solid sleep in the last couple days. I’ve started up with the nebulizer breathing treatments again, which helps, but I’m regrettably still a bit moody and tense.

So when Beloved Hubby said he was home today, I was happy. I’d get some stuff done, maybe get a little quiet time to myself, which I also haven’t had in a while. When Beloved announced he was inviting FIL over to help him with a few things, I was fine with that, too. Kinda ruled out quiet time, but that was OK. But then he said MIL was coming over, too, I got possibly a bit more upset than was warranted. I was just seeing my relaxing day vanish in favor of entertaining MIL, or being stuck on the sofa watching movies. Plus, I’d be spending the rest of the morning tidying house, picking up socks, and catching up dishes and bathroom cleaning, because no matter what Beloved says, I still consider the IL’s company that deserves hospitality. And the idea of leaving MIL to care for Dearest Son while I ran errands didn’t seem right to me. I still remember when we lived together, MIL perched on the sofa one morning and got royally upset that I didn’t come out to entertain her. I had no idea she was there ! That was not gonna be repeated in my own house.

I tried to explain why I was upset and tense, and Beloved tried to understand, but when he kept repeating the same platitudes over and over, I got more upset that he might well have been listening, but it didn’t seem he was hearing me. It didn’t help that I asked him to please tell MIL that I was a bit edgy today, sort of give her a heads-up that I wasn’t my usual sunny self, and he didn’t.

In the end, it was a tornado in a thimble – for some reason, MIL thought we were doing some spring-cleaning major dig-out (which kinda put me off, this place is cluttered and dusty, but not a Hoarder house !), and when she learned differently, she decided to stay home. Nice of her, but I have no idea where she got that notion. Since I’m already signed up to take two days’ worth of ferrying their cats to ‘fixing’ surgery this coming week, I dug out our old cat carrier. (snort) When MIL called to voluntell me for this, I asked if they needed it, she had no idea why they’d need carriers for their cats. Ummm. . . . since the ‘concern for the asthmatic chauffeur’ ship clearly sank at the port, I framed it as safety for the cats, loose and scared in a moving car. That she got. I was explaining it to FIL shortly after he arrived, looking him right in the eye as I spoke. . .  until he walked away, mid-sentence. He also left the carrier and some other stuff here when he left. Like I said, it’s not been my best day.

For his part, Beloved was upset at me for being upset, but I still don’t think I did or said anything wrong. We’re at detente right now, mostly because it’s not good for me to harbor negativity for long, and he’s already moved on. Ended up taking a two hour nap and just staying out of the way. He and Dearest are playing video games, I don’t think he’s noticed how far back I’ve withdrawn. Maybe tomorrow will be better.  


  1. Sorry to hear about your breathing difficulties. I've had similar issues recently and noticed that because it isn't obvious like a broken leg people just don't get it or how short-fused it makes you to have to get exerted to do their stuff on top of yours. Rest up, I know you need it. Big hug!

  2. "Voluntell" Ha. It's funny because it's so annoyingly true. I admire your ability to not take after these two with the broom.