Tuesday, February 16, 2016

In case you ever wondered what Kristoff looks like in a Ken tux (it's pretty tight !). . .

Beloved Hubby didn’t even wake me this morning – I usually get up with him, we eat breakfast together, I prepare his lunch, then go back to bed after he leaves, if I’m still tired – so I slept for hours. I confess, I’ve been staying up late for the promise of some quiet ‘me’ time, and I really need to knock that off. Half the time, all I do with the ‘me’ time is sit and stare at Hoarders episodes, or play games.

Not sure if it’s hype, or the fact that I’m using the Dollar Tree ones, but Magic Erasers don’t do much for my doll restorations. Perhaps, if I bought the real ones, they’d take the ink off Elsa’s forehead like everyone else says, but I’m kinda reluctant to invest more money in ‘em. Meanwhile, Elsa’s getting the “daylight and Oxy-10” treatment, same thing that got those small ink spots off my ‘Rose’ LDP in just a few days. For whatever reason, Elsa’s previous owner drew several tiny circles and wrote ‘Hot’ on her forehead, in ink. Perhaps that’s why she ended up at the OldTown thrift. In any case, at Chez Insanity, she’ll spend most of her days in the sunlight, and evenings under a lamp, with the Oxy getting scraped off and reapplied every other morning, ‘til the marks are gone. Seems to work the best, I tried the ‘speed’ version, where you do that every hour, on some damaged Barbies back in the day, but this seems to work just as well. After that, I’ll see what I can do with her wild hair !

Quick Thought : If Toy Co. of your choice made a doll of you, what would be on the box right now ? Mine would have ‘Longest Hair EVER !’, because it hasn’t been this long since the early 90s. By the end of the month, it’ll be longer than that. It needs a cut, ‘cause my hair’s a major pain when it’s long, but it looks so pretty right now. . .


  1. Magic Eraser never works. Oxy10 or actual bleach are the only ways to remove ink or Sharpie that I've seen work.

  2. I had good luck getting marks off a Cinderella porcelain doll with a magic eraser, but I've never tried it on vinyl.

    My doll box would say "Pajama party" or something, because in the cooler weather, all I want to do is sleep!

    (Hope you guys aren't in the path of any of the fires we have going on right now!)

  3. Yeah, Maricha - I kinda figured (but very appreciative you told me !) the reports of Magic Eraser's 'magical' properties were exaggerated. Guess I shouldn't get my updated doll repair tips from Pinterest ! Glad to hear from ya ! ((hugs))

    Hey, Presto ! We've had some grass fires - one ignited by a car collision - about 30 miles away, but luckily, nothing any closer. I'd love to see a Presto Pajama Party doll ! I was in a nightie (thin and cool !) most of the day, and it was niiiiice. . . .

    ((((Hugs)))) to you both, and everyone reading. I'm so sleepy...

  4. You're welcome! I noticed Magic Eraser ( and other melamine sponges) are kind of misleading, they're not washing away anything, they're a very fine grade of sanding sponge so they buff away scuff marks and grime but you can't sand away ink on vinyl. That stain is just too deep.
    Big hug and rest up.