Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Old fan-habits die hard . . .

Didn’t sleep well last night – had the strangest dreams, short but freaky, so I kept waking up – so when I woke up with Beloved Hubby at 5am, I wasn’t worth wet hamburger. Went back to sleep after spending some time with him and making his lunch, and several hours of sleep later, still didn’t feel very rested. Dearest Son wasn’t in a much better mode, and Game Day was already a wash, so we just stayed in.

I got a new free AG pattern from Lee & Pearl, a really pretty set that’s Brazilian rainforest-themed. It reminds me of Carmen Miranda ! Can’t help but think of how pretty those shoulder-ruffles would look – altered, of course ! – on Tia and Aurora. If you get their newsletter, you get the once-a-year freebie, so if you sew for AG, it might be worth your e-mail. Even the non-freebie newsletters are fun to read, full of neat ideas, and are packed with photos.

Beloved was home early, so while he and Dearest napped, I paid a couple bills, ran up to the bank, and got the last of my library holds. That leaves us a lot less to do tomorrow, so provided there’s no canines out shopping, it should be a lot more fun !

Oh, and there’s a project I did last month. The design was a gorgeous freebie called ‘Love You More’ from Sew Inspired By Bonnie – that was only good for 5x7 and larger hoops. You may remember I have only a 4x4 inch one. I really liked that design, so I shrank it, and wanted to test it. The display photos were all pink or red, with an applique center of matching sparkle vinyl, which is nice, but I wanted to do something different. Ended up grabbing one of those little tote bags ( 3 for $1. at DTree) and a carefully cut scrap of Star Wars  fabric. It came out very well, despite being shrunken, then I repeated the row of stars and cut half of the ‘inner’ detail stitching, and the tote bag fabric is almost industrial waste when it comes to quality. But the designer – and 15 others – liked it !

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  1. It looks very pretty. All the elements work well together.