Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lazy sofa day. . .

Upset stomach all day. You’d think it’d come from my late lunchtime version of ‘hot and sour noodle soup’ – leftover hot & sour from the good Chinese take-out, minus the goopy veggies and mushrooms I don’t like, plus about a cup of beef ramen broth and a handful of angel hair pasta – but nope. I think it was the two red-velvet doughnuts. Delicious, but apparently they twist my tummy, bad. 

So I spent a good part of the day waiting for my bellyache to subside, sipping ice water and reading Smithsonian issues I forgot I had, watching Hoarders episodes. Halfway through Season 4 already. Not a thrilling day, but it was nice to nap and relax for a change !


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    1. Thanks, sweetie ! Went to bed early, slept long and felt much better today. Hope your Sunday was awesome !! ((hugs))