Thursday, February 18, 2016

What a nice day !

Yaaay ! Went to scrape off the first application of generic Oxy-10 on Snow Glow Elsa’s forehead to apply the next – but the ink marks were already gone ! I was hoping, since they were very faint (didn’t even really show in the photo) and couldn’t possibly be that old, ‘cause she’s not that old, but I was prepared to do it again. So happy I don’t have to !

Working on patterns for Han /Luke /Indy shirts, since none of the Mattel-branded Ken ones I could find fit. Much too tight across the back and chest, sleeves too tight, torso and neck proportions are off. I’ll probably have to draft from scratch, but first, I think I’ll try the shirt, it looks like it might work with minimal alterations.

Finally got the freezer cleaned out. Needed the space for the great deal on two hams I got. Sheesh, what a job ! I had to sit down for a bit afterwards. Happy to have organized all the meats together, instead of the original ‘shoved anywhere’ plan, and now I can find ‘em. We won’t need to buy hamburger, chicken, or bratwurst for months ! Only problem is, the freezer’s so crammed, you can’t see light in there anymore, so clearly, we need to eat down some stuff. Thank Everything the good grocery sales this weekend are for ‘pantry’ stuff !

1 comment:

  1. Great for Elsa, she's lucky you found her.
    Can't wait to see those shirts. Guy dolls are usually so neglected.