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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sometimes, the 'doll shoes' thing even runs through the guys, too.

Another lazy day. Beloved Hubby even made breakfast and helped with dishes. After that, I had to make sure the kitchen stayed clean. I failed completely, but at least when we all went to bed, there wasn’t a pile of dishes in the sink !

Debating ordering a pair of nice- looking Dragon soldier figure boots for the Kenner Star Wars guys. Most GI Joe doll footwear is bigger than Ken shoes, but I have no idea about the highly-detailed Dragon lines’ dimensions. Only way to know is to spend the dough, so I’m considering it. It’ll rank if they don’t fit, but I’m sure I can find some doll to wear them. I’d just buy their issue shoes, like I always do, but good luck even finding ‘em, much less affording them. And I already know the later Hasbro SW line doesn’t fit without alterations.

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