Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blouse is tight, but if fits vintage Midge !

Wow. Hard to believe we’re on the going-fast side of February already ! Even with our leap-year extra day, it seems so short. It probably helps that we didn’t really have winter – it’s so spring-like here, I counted six dandelions in the front yard, then I found a whole patch of them ! Also did some research on some purple thistle-like plants nearby – those are ‘henbit’, also known as ‘purple death-less thistle’, ‘death-less’ meaning ‘non-stinging’. It’s a winter emergent, edible to humans, and bees and hummingbirds like them, too. Long ago, they were even used for dyes, which is probably how they got from the Mediterranean to the Midwest. That, or ‘cause they’re just pretty !

Made good on my delayed promise to take Dearest Son to Dollar Tree. No dogs were in evidence, thank Everything ! I loaded up on some half-off Valentine’s Day candy. While the Elmer Chocolate hearts were long gone, there were bins full of conversation hearts, gummy hearts, chocolate bars, and Disney Princess heart-shaped boxes of various other candies. Beloved Hubby and I most enjoyed the Whitman Sampler 2.6oz candy bars – just like the ‘Messenger Boy’ piece – for Dearest, it was the 6oz Palmers Chocolate bars.

I also scored a copy of Salt, Sugar, Fat : How The Food Giants Hooked Us, complete with tiny red remainder mark and a 30% off sale sticker with a Target logo. It’s actually a fascinating read, especially for those of us who always look behind the curtain every chance they get. Our DTree only had the one copy, and I’ve really enjoyed the 20 pages I’ve read so far. Unfortunately, I was reading it while eating a Slim Jim. . .  

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  1. That Barbie outfit is very pretty. I'm a bit surprised that it fits a vintage body though.