Saturday, February 27, 2016

Elphie kicks up her new heels !

Had a wild hair / hare today, while Beloved Hubby inspected all the car and tool trailer’s tires, airing ‘em up when needed, and pulled out the Big Box O’ Monster High  shoes in hopes of solving a few “I wonder if . . . ‘ s. I can tell ya that MH guy shoes, while bigger than Ken footwear, are still too small to fit my vintage Kenner Star Wars / Indiana Jones dudes. Only reason they have shoes now is I got some knockoff GI Joe and blow-molded guy dolls from regional dollar stores years and years ago. I’m gonna keep my eyes open for some similar soldier / guy dolls when I’m out and about this week, because right now, they’re wearing pretty much everything that’ll fit ‘em. While Han and Luke may be immune to the allure of vast quantities of shoes, I’m sure they’d like more than one pair from which to choose.  

I also discovered that Elphie (my much-loved but seriously neglected Tonner Wicked Witch) fits the Dollspart sandals I bought for the ‘adult’ MH dolls, years ago. I don’t know if I ever tried them on her before. Heels are much too short on both lines of MH dolls and Elphie, but they look fine from the front ! However, they’re far too small for FT Frankie, but the next size up would probably work, something to think about when I have first-of-the-month funds again.

Yup, that’s coming up again. I was in a sort of ‘mathy’ mood, so I totaled up everything, shipping and all, on my Etsy Favorites list (two pages’ worth !), and it came to just under $400. Yikes. So I think I’m gonna look for the new Barbie Fashionistas, some guy dolls, and perhaps yet another Elsa, but the Hasbro version this time. It’s wide open at this point !

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