Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year, you funky monkeys !

You may have noticed I got the ink off Rose's face. So happy. . . 
Yesterday’s doll shoes came out so good, I kept going ! I had three LDP dolls that came from various thrifts barefoot – ‘Ivy’, ‘Ariel’, and ‘Rose’ – last year, and this could not continue. Especially since all I had to do was tweak the embroidery design I already owned and altered for the DP&M girls’ shoes, and poof, darn near instant footwear, at almost no cost. I was just bein’ lazy.

Measured and traced Ivy and Ariel’s feet, since Ivy’s are a bit bigger, and adjusted the pattern and added a bit more. The first trial pair, for Ariel, fit, but were rather tight, so I added a bit more so they’d hopefully flex-fit both. They’re still a bit snug on Ivy, but they work fine and stay on, so I’m calling it a victory !  That one pattern, bought on sale, now fits Timey, Dottie, Cathy, and Dancerella, plus the DP&M crowd, and now, all the ‘toddler’ Disney Princesses. Too bad I can’t get it to fit Elphie and FT Frankie, and the Barbie - MH - sixth-scale dolls ! I’d have every doll in Chez Insanity shod.

That felt soooo good ! Hope I have time this week to make something else. I’ve modified the ‘Three Projects’ list to a ‘new task every day’ one, and so far, I’ve finished Thursday and today’s. Tomorrow’s project is to get the donations out of Emmy-car’s backseat, and maybe peek in to the thrift shop while we’re there ! I know it’s childish, but if I don’t have a goal (i.e., a list), nothing gets done. Ask last week !

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  1. Happy New Year to you too!
    That design came out great with your tweaking.Barefoot baby and toddler dolls look especially sad.
    I'm a big believer in lists, it's so easy to get sidetracked by unexpected events but if you have a list to refer back to when things settle down it helps you refocus on what you meant to do.