Friday, February 26, 2016

She's been hanging out with FT Frankie, too.

Guess who sewed today ! Since the freebie Pinterest Alex skirt fit FT Frankie – loosely, but OK, that’s an easy alteration – I decided to try the blouse. Used the last of a fat quarter so closely, there’s barely a bit of it bigger than a postage stamp left. I remembered using the rest of it. Anyway. . . the blouse. . . did not go so well. To put it bluntly, Frankie’s bustline stopped about ¾ of an inch before the blouse did. Thanks to the deep darts, the blouse really didn’t need Frankie, to further the crass visual. (insert your favorite Sixteen Candles ‘fill the stupid bust up’ joke here) The rest, like the back and sleeves fit, but with the darts and all, it’d be easier to redraft the blouse pattern front piece from scratch than try to fix the Alex original.

Still, it took me nearly an hour, even though I did fairly well with an experimental technique on the inset sleeves, so I was reluctant to consign it to the ‘stuffing scraps’ bin or the ‘extreme frustration’ trash. So I tried it on my Tonner Wicked Witch of the West, more familiarly known as Elphie. Darts are a bit pointed, but it fits her perfectly. Skirt, too. Finally, Elphie gets new clothes – and I’m all chuffed about sewing for her again !

Why am I always most inspired when the pattern’s free ? :)

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  1. Very elegant! I thought I remembered you had a Tonner but couldn't recall which one.