Saturday, February 20, 2016

Skywalker In Blue

My insomnia was really jumpin’ last night, but for whatever reason, I felt fine when it was time to cherry-pick the choicest of the local grocery store ads, just as they opened, for best selection. I bagged my lot and a couple other non-Saturday sales, and was home an hour later. Then I crashed for a solid three hours.

Beloved Hubby was busy, too. While I slept, he went out for materials for his next job, and got the check for his finished-yesterday side-job to the bank. He showed it to me first – his boss gave him a tip that was as unexpected as it was generous, telling him to take the family out for a nice dinner, or get what we most needed. We’re actually doing OK, so Beloved made the command decision, on his way back, to stop at a video game chain store.  

He got another shooty-bang-bang game, one in a series he enjoys that’s cheep ‘cause it’s about 5 years old. He also decided to get a game Dearest Son’s wanted to play for years, but we all knew it was a mature audiences one with a very bad reputation, so Dearest would probably play it in his own apartment before he played it at home. Still, Beloved thought that, with the purchase of a new-to-us second controller, they would play together, and talk about the scenes and situations. That was a good concession in my opinion, and that’s what they’re doing now. We snagged a take-out dinner with the leftover funds while the updates downloaded, so I’m happily stuffed.

Lest you think I’m left out of the family largesse, I’m buying two new patterns from Fable-ous Finds while they’re on a small sale – just figured I’d finish the two projects I had started before I bought ‘em. I have a bad tendency to forget I have new patterns if I don’t immediately use them, so I’d rather clear the decks and be ready to go when I bought ‘em.

The first project I did today – Luke Skywalker’s . . . um, workout set ? Hospital scrubs ? Pajamas ? It could be any and all of those ! Used the Renaissance Shirt for Ken pattern – free ! – with the sleeves slightly altered not be so. . . puffy. I also shortened them so I could leave off the cuffs, since I was going for casual, not pirate-y. The rest of the pattern seemed to match OK with Luke’s measurements if I left off the darts, so I went with it using one of the cheep t-shirts from the thrift bundle.

It fits, and doesn’t look too bad, but it needs numerous alterations. Armhole is tight, sleeves are still a bit too big, it’s too short and too tight in back, and I want to adjust the neck opening, but all that’s easy. I’m pretty pleased – I have a simple working shirt for these previously impossible to clothe guys ! And I can go all wild once I have basics to work with.

The other project I found on Pinterest, a free simple skirt and shirt pattern for Madame Alexander’s 15.5” Alex doll. It might work for Fiendishly Tall Frankie, so I’ll probably work that out tonight, using the same fabric. Heck, I already have the thread and bobbin loaded and the remnants of the tee on the cutting table, why not ?

But I’d really like a nap first. . .

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  1. I think you're right to choose to give your son the game but take the time to play with him and discuss it. It will give him a realistic perspective on it.
    Luke's outfit came out very well. You can't tell the pattern needs more fiddling with from the picture.
    Rest up, insomnia is hell.