Friday, February 19, 2016

Doll (at thrift) - $4. Doll's shoes (online) - $8. Why does this seem OK to me ?

You’re gonna laugh at me, but I just now bought my latest Elsa doll’s shoes – Snow Glow (i.e., toddler) Elsa’s – and paid twice for them what I paid for the doll. Ranks, but I have a thing about making sure a doll has her original shoes, even if she rarely wears them. I’m the same way, to a lesser extent, about the doll’s original clothing. Poor ‘Hi, Dottie’ still doesn’t have her issue jumper-dress, and I’ve had her for almost a decade now. I never have the $$ when I find it for a decent price, and don’t wanna pay $20. for a cheep vintage scrap of Mattel 70s when I have fundage. One day, the stars will align. . .  meanwhile, Dottie at least has her orange shoes ! And SG Elsa will have her ice-inspired flats sometime next week.

Oh, and I got my $5. coupon from TRU Rewards today. I looked all over the place for how to access it, but there was nothing on the site, nothing to indicate I was entitled to a reward, nothing that said I’d get one ‘til I spent another $150. Kinda figures, a couple days after I buy something, boom, there it is. Well, since it’s good ‘til 20 April, I’m sure to find my way over there to use it. There’s two dolls I’m interested in. . . and if nothing else, they have candy at the one across town. . .


  1. Did the email have a "coupon" image with a barcode on it? The last couple I've gotten were like that, and I just show them the barcode to scan from my phone screen. (There may be a code to use online really tiny on it somewhere, but honestly I never noticed)

  2. Ha! I have the same problem. Luck in finding cute dolls, but none in finding their shoes. At least you're in the US and some sellers offer free or reasonable shipping. I've paid more for shipping than on the doll and her shoes combined to get a pair of pumps for my Cher doll.
    You're lucky you have the skills to make pretty ones yourself.