Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm starting to think the Elsas find me now. . .

Look who was waiting for us at the thrift ! This is Snow Glow Elsa, from Jakks Pacific, you probably remember her from toy shelves from the last two Christmases. There’s a sing-a-long version, too, but luckily, I didn’t get that one. Last time I saw this model, she was $35. last year at TRU. Wasn’t too sure about the ‘Royal Reflection Eyes’, they looked buggy in the harsh light of retail. But today, at the thrift, with her hair everywhere, missing her crown, shoes, and happily, Olaf, she looked like she needed me. Plus, her $4. price was pretty nice, too. She has some writing in ink on her forehead, but I enjoy a challenge !

She still sings, and thanks to a wire leading to it from her back-installed battery pack, her dress still lights up, but I can’t get her ’15 movie phrases’ or her Spanish options to work. I changed her batteries, still nothin’. Maybe some better batteries will work, I’ve added them to the ongoing list. Should have her hair a little better managed tomorrow.

Decided to go for the $4. grab-bag of small toys when I saw a couple I liked inside, I’m already looking forward to digging through it soon. I also got a new-to-me purse, almost a tote, in green alligator. Nothin’ says ‘grr’ more than alligrrrrtrrrr. Thanks to an abandoned receipt found inside, I know the previous owner shelled $56.91 at a nearby CVS in 2013 for Aussie Styling Spray, $23. worth of assorted candies, Big & Sexy Root Pump hair styling product, and Olay Age Defying Body Wash. You can rest assured, if I ever finish using a purse before it’s utterly destroyed, and donate it, I’ll make sure no one knows how boring and beauty product-less my life is first.

Dearest Son didn’t find anything fun, but he did pick out two ‘new’ pair of jeans he liked that fit. So it was a pretty good run.

I also remembered to visit Family Dollar for those Frozen Valentine pencils I wanted, now half-off. Snagged a box of markdown candy for the IL’s too. Beloved Hubby wanted to do something for them for Valentine’s – but they didn’t mind getting more for less the next day ! Not sure what I’ll do with the cards that came with the pencils, I’ll probably tuck them in with the MH ones, for later.

Game Day for tomorrow has already been cancelled, so I’m looking forward to a sleep-in. Yaaaay !

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