Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I believe I have your doll-size staplers ?

Haven’t heard from Corporate regarding the Great Dollar Tree Dog Debate, but I can’t say it really bothers me that much anymore. Thanks for weighing in, I appreciate your take on things, everyone. In this town, you can barely back out of your driveway without pulling into a Dollar General, Family Dollar, thrift shop, or local grocer, so it’s entirely up to me if I go back again. Today I saw some guy wandering around Local Grocery barefoot. Is it a full moon or something ?

It may well be, as I ended up at Hobby Lobby today, a store I normally avoid due to owner politics, not pet or footwear policies, because I’d promised Dearest Son some nice colored pencils. He’d used up several of his old set and wanted a couple extra colors to go with his birthday set (that we got off Amazon cheep !), and HobLob is about the only place for ‘em. So, clutching several phone book 40% off coupons, off we went.

He got several replacements and new colors, plus a car model he’s been wanting, with his allowance. I had some funds, too, so I snagged a glass football display case, half off. I’ve never collected sports props, but I did want a nice place to display my wedding bouquet, and the ‘It’s a BOY !’ vase Beloved Hubby sent me when Dearest was born. I possibly should have snagged the basketball one instead, the football one seems a bit large. I haven’t even taken it out of the huge bag it was packed in, so photos soon !

I also snagged a couple more sheets of glitter vinyl, more split-ring key rings, a big ole grey t-shirt to embroider on, a slightly outdated Simplicity pattern catalog, and a tiny pair of jewelry findings shaped like red staplers. They’re probably intended for cute ‘casual Friday’ earrings, but I saw them as darn near perfect for doll props. At 54¢, why not ? I was able to unscrew and save the tiny screw eyes and jump rings for later projects, too. I think it's right in scale, and Ghoulia's willing to share - she's got two !

I’d intended for us to go out for lunch, but we pretty much spent our limit, and we had some tasty treats at home, so after a quick visit to that grocery, we were home. Beloved was home early, so we had lunch together, and hung out for a while. I fell asleep on the sofa, mind full of bouquets and memories and glittery doll shoes worn with stapler earrings.

Sweet dreams, ya’ll !


  1. Ah, how cute! Those would be perfect for a diorama! I'll have to look next time I venture in HL, it's been a cat's age since I last went shopping in one.

  2. Great find! Especially since the Monsters are in high school.