Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Boring Wednesday.

Hit the local thrift today – and it’s mélange of dolls that’ve been there since either before Thanksgiving or just after Christmas. Neither Dearest Son nor I found anything remotely interesting, but we did get the collection of donations outta Emmy-car’s backseat and into the bin. Been meaning to do that for so long, it was on the ‘Week List’ ! All that’s back there now is a collection of grocery sacks awaiting recycling – or, more accurately, me remembering to recycle them !

Dollar Tree was nearly frantic, for whatever reason. Maybe folks in this town are cluing in that buying holiday stuff before the eve of the big day is a good idea ? I’m testing their cheep drawstring handle trash bags in the kitchen this week. They’re visibly thinner than the Mal-Wart house brand, but since we take it out every day, it turns out, that’s fine. Since we’re not cramming, the thinner texture is strong enough. At about half the price ! Ya’ll know me, I hate to pay for something I throw away, so spending $28. or so a year on trash bags is a lot more tolerable than shelling $50. !

Oh, and an interesting finding from last year is true this year, as well. I was surprised, when I bought a $1. Elmer Chocolate candy-filled heart at Big Lots, to find it had only four pieces of candy in it. Same brand, same exact image heart at DTree had five. Turns out, the pieces shown on the back of the packaging really are what’cha get. So I’ve been studying all the Elmer V-day hearts whenever I see them, and DTree is the only place I’ve found that had them with more than four pieces of chocolates in ‘em. Yup, Mal-Wart, too. I wonder what negotiations led to that ending ? And if I’m the only one buying enough cheep chocolate to notice !


  1. I'm the same way about trash bags. I feel just dumb spending more on them than I have to. Aside from Dollar Tree, we also have a 99cent store here, and they have a pretty good selection of trash bags. Sometimes they will tear, but if you don't cram there is no issue at all! Now my pet peeve is getting the trash bag out of the trash can without it creating that vacuum effect. That's one way to make my blood boil hahaha

    1. I hear ya. It sucks - literally ! (ha !)