Monday, February 1, 2016

Welcome, February !

I’m back in the saddle again ! Happy February – white rabbit ! Hope your January was awesome, ‘cause I missed you !

I discovered that I missed about two whole seasons of Hoarders  - I think I thought it got cancelled when Hoarding was, and we never watched the IL’s cable when we lived there – so I’ve been catching up on YouTube. Two of the best side-effects, for me at least, is that it encourages me to clean, and I can’t eat while watching it.

So, when I didn’t have any real plans for my first-of-the-month ‘fun funds’, I think it was influential, ‘cause I bought a six-slot cubby and three fabric cubes from Big Lots. I already had two, and knew what'd go in the 'empty' slot.  I went through the fabric that was sort of hidden – maybe 'forgotten' is a better word, because I was surprised when I saw it ! – and had everything ready to go for Saturday. Beloved Hubby was working, Dearest Son was visiting his grandparents, so I’d have hours to put the cubby together, and load it up with the fabric drift-piles that were really starting to bug me.

I confess, the fabrics are sort of just tossed in the cubes, not really organized, but I emptied two large bags and a box, donated some and gave the larger pieces to my MIL, and can easily get to what I kept, so I count it a ‘win’. I’ll get to sorting the individual cubes eventually, one boring, rainy day that’s sure to come.

Still haven’t sewn much, as sorting and tossing’s taken up much of my free time. I scored a Disney Store Rapunzel toddler doll wearing Animator Elsa’s dress at the OldTown thrift, and after breaking a brush in her matted locks, gave her a quick haircut. I think she came out quite nice ! Need to adjust my machine embroidery doll shoe design for her, and soon. Several of my LDP girls need shoes, too.

Also got a ‘Little Kingdom’ Elsa figurine – Hasbro makes dolls with swappable clothes of many Disney Princess, but I went for the slightly cheaper ‘makeup’ version, I now have white, purple, and green glitter for my hair, whenever I want it ! I got the Frozen Fever one, and hope to get the ‘ice dress’ nail polish set soon. They’re awfully cute !

I’ve tackled two embroidery projects – show you those when there’s not much else going on !

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  1. Never can watch Hoarders-type shows without freaking out if I so much as leave a glass on a table afterwards, lol.