Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Shoes !!

Happy Superbowl Sunday ! Like it matters around Chez Insanity – nobody here cares, but it’s a prime opportunity for sofa loafing with tons of economical snacks ! I’ve been laying in supplies for days – markdown summer sausage, sale dip, salad, cheese and crackers, generic potato and corn chips, a budget rotisserie chicken, day-old Italian bread, discount doughnuts, going soon cauliflower chunks, and possibly gallons of house-brand soda ! – for whoever wants to eat ‘em whenever.

As for me, I had to hop up sort of early, to pick up some weekend-only sale hamburger, then one of Dearest Son’s Mal-Wart prescriptions. Since I promised to take him with me to M-W, I wasn’t really in a loafing mode. We looked at toys and electronics, wandering around and chatting, which is always a treat with Dearest ! I swear, he talks to me most then, about more than just what he’s been watching on YouTube. About all we bought were groceries, but it was fun to look and plot while it was not yet busy at all. Ya gotta get there before the after-Church crowds around here, or you can’t move a cart around the place, game day or not.

Once home, I knew what I had to do. Last night, I found m’self lingering around on eBay, looking at doll shoes – yikes ! Past time to get on the stick and alter the basic ‘ballerina flats’ machine embroidery design I have to better fit the Little Disney Princess / Animator’s dolls, like I’ve been meaning to. They can sort-of wear the shoes I stitch for the taller DP&M girls, but they fall off, so they really need their own size.

I’d originally intended to make shoes for ‘Iris’, my short-haired Disney Store Rapunzel, but once I saw that turquoise-ish felt in the stash, I knew that Ariel – who’s been barefoot far longer – would be wearing new shoes before the afternoon was over. They came out well, even resized, if a bit tight. Not sure they’ll fit the Disney Store or the Animator’s dolls, who have slightly larger feet, but felt stretches a bit. I was impressed that the heart design resized well, too. I’ve been skipping the heart part, figuring it didn’t translate to shrinking very well, but it did !

It even uses small bits of felt – I could probably make four pair from one 23¢ sheet of felt ! – but it comes with one drawback. They’re actually quite difficult to turn right-side-out ! I had to use a pencil’s eraser to push out the seam allowances. Still, yay ! I can now make the LDP-style dolls a pair of shoes in less than 40 minutes, and they’ll fit !

What a nice day . . .


  1. They're lovely. Of course I like the little hearts but the embroidered edge makes them elegant enough for her dress.
    When I made doll shoes ages ago I'd always make them Mary Jane's or ankle straps so they wouldn't slip off and get lost.I used leatherette and that's much more slippery than felt, though.

  2. I love seeing your doll shoes, it gives me hope that I can one day make a pair that doesn't end up tossed in the closet with my other failed craft attempts lol.

    I see you write about felt quite a bit and I was wondering if you could tell me if felt will stain dolls? I'm sure it's not an issue for doll shoes, however I have an Italocremona Corinne doll which is one of my favorite dolls ever, and I made an entire outfit for her out of felt. Don't ask me how, because I am awful at sewing.

    When I moved, I had to put a good chunk of my dolls into storage, so this entire time I've been wondering how she is and what I should expect. I guess if so, the one good thing is that any stains should be covered by clothing.

    BTW Hope we get to see more of your doll shoes!

  3. Oh nice! The shoes came out great!