Sunday, February 14, 2016

And I found some green velvet for the bouquet display in the stash. Yaaay !

Happy Valentine’s Day ! I darn near OD’d on sugar today – not difficult for a savory-preferring diabetic – thanks to Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son, and it was fun ! Don’t think I’ll go near a Turtle Sundae again for a while, though.

Beloved finished creating a truly beautiful hand-made solid-wood country kitchen-style table with matching benches today, and dropped it off to its new owners. He’ll put on the stain and paint combo tomorrow, but I wish he could just give it a light coat and seal it. The woodgrain is so beautiful, I hate to see it hidden. But, I’m not the one paying $$$$ for it ! He had it on the driveway for photos, and two cars stopped, and took his name and number for potential future work. The table’s new owners already have two more pieces they want him to make.

We opted to stay in, as restaurants were crazy enough yesterday. Football Season may be over for the University next door, but Basketball Season draws its own crowds, and the Men’s and Women’s teams had games yesterday. So everywhere, from fast food to haute cuisine, was super busy, and I’m sure today was no exception. Home-cooked ham steaks, au gratin potatoes, and green beans were tasty, too !

Sorted through two of the fabric cubes, and eliminated four uncut t-shirts that I know I’ll never use. Neither of my guys wanted ‘em, so we’ll see if the IL’s are interested. If not, I’ll either donate ‘em, or they’ll become rags. Little goes to waste around Chez Insanity ! The ‘fancy knits’ cube isn’t overflowing anymore, and it actually got more fabric added, and none removed, it’s just folded and organized better. Two down, three to go !

Unfortunately, the cubes were about all I got done. I’ve been weary and dozy all day. Gonna go to bed early, in hopes that I won’t feel this way tomorrow – I gotta take the IL’s to their OldTown appointment in the early afternoon. Thrift store shopping, yaaay !


  1. Happy Valentine's day to you too. Glad you enjoyed your day.
    It does seem a shame to hide beautiful wood grain but some people only like wood for it's longevity or sturdiness.

  2. Hey, sounds like hubby may have some potential clients!