Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hope your Saturday was quietly awesome, too !

What a nice Saturday ! We all slept in and Beloved Hubby made us pancakes for brunch. Then it was haircut time ! Our formerly long-haired Dearest Son requested a ‘high and tight’ cut, and Beloved delivered. I have no idea where my little boy went, but the obvious teenager standing in his place seems so much more mature.

I went next, and my longest-since-I-was-10 hair hit the ground, unmourned. I look so much more like myself again. He gave me an adorable blunt cut that’s curling by itself into a pagegirl that swings just above my shoulders – and hides my lined and wrinkled brow. I feel like a cross between Molly Ringwald and Princess Leia !

After a quick round of showers for all of us – we were all covered in sharp, just-cut  hair – Beloved and I hit Aldi’s. We’re well-stocked for another month. I snagged two heads of crisp cauliflower for 79¢ each, and can’t wait to cut into the first one. I’m also trying to hold off opening my bag of chips for as long as I can…

My task for the day was to empty out a shelf in the cubby. It was filled with small doll props and MH doll stands, and I had a better use for it. Tired of having to wash and re-wash white fabric every time I go to use it, so stashing all my white material in a closed-up drawer should help with that. Was gonna buy either a plastic bin or some bedding for the clear zipper bag, but this way was much cheaper. Had nearly all of it stored in a half-hour, and the fabric I washed last week is all tucked away. So is the Happy Meal MH pail I use for small fabric scraps, freeing up a piece of much-needed Arena space, important now that I have three sewing machines. I like getting what I want done, and not having to buy anything new to do it !

Got word that the test I missed – the one that got my pacemaker surgery cancelled – is called a MUGA (Multiple Gated Acquisition) scan. I’ve had one before, I think, about a decade ago. I get a pinch of radioactive chemical, and a camera follows it through my heart and provides images for further study. I remember feeling very cold when it hit my system, and being amazed at the images, but not much more. The VA helpfully sent me a brochure detailing the whole thing, and it’s happening Wednesday. Since it takes about two hours, I have to call DM&FIL, see if Dearest can hang with them, as it’ll be awfully boring for him, with no one to talk to. Hopefully it won’t be too exhausting, and we can hit that thrift afterwards !

Although, truth be told, I’m almost embarrassed about buying Odyssey last week. Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets, but… I discovered today that Brody also has about 90% of those same stitches. Erk. But since it took me a bit to get Brody set up for embroidery, I really didn’t want to use him for anything else. So, for less than $4., I got the best of both worlds – I don’t have to reconfigure Brody, and I get all the snazzy stitches with Odee. I feel a twinge of guilt that someone who doesn’t have a Brody won’t get Odee, either, I got all the candy, but I’m sure I miss out on a lot, too, and I don’t worry about it.

Forgot to get some thread order info off my computer when I let Dearest borrow it, and now I’m too sleepy to start a new design. So, tomorrow, for sure ! Kinda tired of doing shirts though. .. I might do a skirt instead. 

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