Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The cat's with the CRT in the other room...

The real reason I wanted a TV so much.
Cat entertainment. 
My MUGA test went very well – in fact, not only did R. hit my notoriously bad veins on the first try, he had me so relaxed, I think I fell asleep while the cameras and technicians did their work. I was even outta there nearly about an hour earlier than expected. My doctors will have the results today, and I guess from there, my pacemaker surgery will get added back to the calendar soon. At least, I hope !

Visited with DM&FIL a bit when I picked Dearest Son up, and we were off to the thrift ! He didn’t find anything this time, but as expected, I found a TV, an old-style 20” CRT, just a buck more than my budget. Bulky, but even I could lift it. And I found two pair of Levi’s in Beloved Hubby’s size, so, yeah, I over-spent, but a TV and two pair of jeans for $15. is still pretty cheap !

I then spent two hours trying to get either cable or the Wii to work with it. The manual our tech left was for the cable box attached to the TV, the one he left for us awaiting the second TV had no manual at all, and was markedly different. It completely lacked coaxial ports ! We had new co-ax outlets, and a second brand-new modem, but no way to get them to connect, literally. Tried to swap out the wireless, no co-ax cable box for the one working in the living room that had co-ax ports (completely unused), but that crashed our internet, so I put everything back. Dug through our wire boxes and found an RCA plug set and a co-ax, which the AT&T tech didn’t leave for us, and still nothin’. I think that, when I said we were getting a second TV, the tech thought we were getting a brand-new flat-screen, instead of a near-vintage CRT ! Can’t really blame him for that.

I thought I was just plain stupid – although I was following the signal path correctly – when I couldn’t get the Wii operational either. I was just idly punching the ‘channel’ buttons (no remote), when I heard the familiar musical notes. For whatever reason, on my ‘new’ TV, the AV channel is 2, instead of the usual 3 or 4. Yep. Guess what I’d been checking ? Still couldn’t get the Wii online, but I figured I could work on that later – I wanted to try the cable box again !

Booyah, baybee ! Worked perfectly. I hit ‘reset’ and it picked up the wireless like a bloodhound, and the RCA plugs connected the cable box and TV just like I’d hoped.  I have cable now ! Next, I start savin’ up for DVD player… I’ll get to sew to my favorite movies soon.

Even better, we got to order a new hard drive for Dearest’s laptop, and it should be here tomorrow. I can’t wait. While it hasn’t been a problem sharing this one, I’ll be glad when he has his own again ! 

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