Thursday, January 8, 2015

What was I thinking just a minute ago... ? Ahh, I'm sure it wasn't anything good....

I am so not thinking these days. I realized I was eating a lot late at night because it wouldn’t drive up my diabetes numbers – after I take the last finger-stick test of the day, why not live a little ? Well, I never do anything by halves, and it was getting a bit ridiculous. I was starting to think my willpower vanished with the sun, but nope. I want my numbers to look good, especially now that they’re getting reported every day again, so I was saving my salt and sugar feasts ‘til after supper. Might have given me some decent test numbers, but it certainly wasn’t doing my weight loss goals any good !

Although I did lose five pounds over the holidays, getting me to a hard-to-reach mini-goal… I wanna keep the progress going. So now I’m trying my best to just eat at meals, and if I am gonna snack, try raw veggies or small portions. It helps that we can’t go out for chips and such for the next few weeks ! I swear, though, sometime this weekend, I am obtaining and bingeing on some cheese popcorn. So there.

Anyway, continuing on with the ‘not thinking’ leitmotif, I decided to make my knockoff DP&M Elsa doll something just for her. Figured I’d make the simple elastic-waist pants today, and a nice blouse tomorrow. Dug through the ‘recently used’ folder of pattern print-outs, and got a single piece pattern. About halfway through, I thought the pants looked a little small and a little short. Yup. These pants go to the Little Disney Princess dolls, not Disney Princess & Me. They almost fit, just too low in the crotch and capri length. Oh, well. Marked the pattern in red ink and put the new pants in the LDP case. Never did find the pants pattern from Crissy’s McCall’s #2182, so I went through my files. I’d made the pants and kimono-style jacket once before, in white and purple gingham, for Tia.

So I was really surprised to see my copy of #2182 was missing View C, those very parts. What in the world ? I made this outfit months ago ! Not one to dwell, I downloaded a fresh copy of the pattern from, and printed out just the pieces I needed. Scanned ‘em, so I’d have ‘em next time. And got to work on pants.

One pattern piece pants – or even two piece ones – are very easy, and delightfully fast, and I got those done before supper. 

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