Saturday, January 3, 2015

I'm sewing again !

Well, given the choice between interactive workouts and stitching up a new pattern, guess what won ? Bonus clue : Tia’s wearing it ! I was snurfling around online, looking for patterns, preferably free or cheep, and found this one, for an Elsa dress. I promise you, I was *not* looking for anything Elsa – I got plenty patterns for her dress already ! But it popped up over at Craftsy, among the free and super-cheap patterns, so I decided  - I’ve been good, I can splurge for a buck. It may not look a lot like Elsa’s ice outfit, but I liked it !

Plus, I’ve wanted to try a pointed waist dress. It’s kind of hard to see, but Tia’s dress has one. The directions weren’t very good, basically two pages of solid text and four of pattern, and that was it. Only photos were on the ‘buy this’ page. And even with all that text, I got no special directions about the waist, just ‘attach skirt to bodice’. Took me three tries, and it’s still not quite right… but the model shown to sell the pattern had a pucker there, so maybe I didn’t do too badly.

Cut out the paper pattern and took about a half inch off the back and a quarter inch off the front before I cut fabric, and ended up putting in side seams where there weren’t any. Once it was done, it’s still a bit big, so I took some more off the back, a bit more from the front, made the armscrye a little smaller, and increased the neckline and back a quarter inch – it sits a bit lower than I like. Maybe I’ll stitch it out again, see if my alterations work.

BTW, this is the fabric I got over-charged for at Hancock's last week. I still have half of it left ! Ranks that I paid too much for it, but it really is pretty. 

Otherwise, another grey day outside. Not sure if what we got going on is heavy mist or light rain, I just know I miss the sun ! Cleaned out a couple Boxes o’ Moving Junk, cooked some good meals. Long as there’s food in the pantry, and the house is nice and warm – and the internet’s working ! - a lack of cash isn’t such a big deal.  

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  1. Too bad about getting overcharged, but those colors look AMAZING on Tia! She needs a gold rose in her hair to go with!