Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scraps an' stuff...

Really not a big whoop of a day. Finished my library book, had a nice nap, dug through some fabric for another go at the contest dress I’m altering millimeter by millimeter. The first trial used a tiny scrap of fabric, which I liked, and wondered how small I could go to try the newest alterations.

Found the sandwich baggie of small squares and decided to try to use some. I got them in a bag of ‘scrape fabric’ from a thrift, and didn’t realize a good chunk of the intriguing fabric within was a buncha small 2 ¼” squares. Evidently someone was gonna make a quilt, as several were already stitched together. Since I wasn’t doing anything special anyway, I sorted out all the squares, and realized I had a lot of ‘em. Even took apart the stitched strips, just to have the maximum options available.

Of course, I liked the ‘falling star’ red print – I’ve had it in white and blue before. I had ten squares, would that be enough ? Two stitched together was enough for the bodice, and if I hemmed instead of lined it, yeah, that was enough. I used three for the first tier, five for the second, and went ahead and sewed up the pieces into skirt strips, and hemmed the bottom tier. Applied Fray-Check to the raw edges and had to let it sit. We had a date with M&FIL to celebrate Dearest Son’s birthday.

As I’ve concluded before, now that I don’t have to live with them, I can love them again, and we had a nice visit up until my eyes started to itch. Six cats and a dog will do that to me. But up ‘til then, they got Dearest pizza and a home-made cake, and we had a fun time chatting. He even took it well when their gift was a couple home-schooling modules. My boy’s becoming a young man, so fast.


  1. Happy belated birthday to your son. I'm glad you're feeling better. You seem much happier living free of the IL's

  2. Happy birthday to the kiddo! Hope you're feeling better soon, Dorrie!