Friday, January 16, 2015

Hi, ElsaPop !

(grin) Guess I forgot to tell ya’ll – I redeemed most of my Disney Movie Club points to score a Pop! Elsa figurine about a week before Christmas. And she arrived today ! She is so cool. (ha !) And she looks even better than the one I saw at TRU today. I’d heard that early runs looked far too ruddy in the face to resemble Elsa (ummm.. that huge head is a true resemblance anyway ?), but later ones were more pale and true-to-character. I wondered – but yes, mine’s a lot more pale. I kinda wanted to go back to TRU for comparison photos, and I may someday. Just trying to frame in my mind how to ask so I can leave with the doll I came in with.

Only reason I was in TRU was for Dearest Son. He’s got a birthday coming up, and wanted to see what Transformers they had. As it turns out, they had more DVDs than robots. And while I didn’t spend more than a minute in the MH aisle, I could see they had nothing new since Halloween. (shrugs) Nice to see they actually had MH dolls, but it seems like some (like the remaining Scaris and Scaremester) are destined for discounts when the 2015 stuff starts rolling in. 

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  1. Way to go snagging Elsa! Between DMR's Guardians selections and the newer Walking Dead figures, I've been finding them too darn hard to resist, too! Getting them from DMR is the best, imo. You can't beat "free"!