Monday, January 5, 2015

When Merri's eyes are smiling...

Errand day ! I promised my Health Check rep that I’d send back the stopped-working and the never-worked Cardio Commander units today – the VA’d already been kind enough to send me UPS shipping stickers and even packing tape, so I had no excuse. Packed ‘em up according to instructions, and while I could have scheduled a pick-up, the UPS Store wasn’t far from where I needed to go anyway, so…

I had two returns to take care of, one to Lowe’s with a receipt, one to Home Depot, and a bank deposit to make. Both Customer Service folks were just wonderful, and took care of me perfectly. (grin) And we can kind of use the cash ! Glad to have the CCommander clutter out from underfoot, and the returns done.

The apple pancake recipe went OK, but no matter what I could have done to it, it still would have tasted like hot applesauce. I may make it again later. It’s much easier to get creative in the kitchen when it’s clean. Made chili mac out of leftovers from last night’s dinner – yum !

After dinner, I got to sew. Version two of the ‘Dollar Elsa Dress’ – fit is a bit better, but I want to work on the bodice a little more. Even with the seam down the middle (not in the original design) it’s still a bit too wide for the doll, and I put in a dart to cinch up the sides a bit. We’re getting closer !

This is one of the Jo-Ann’s fabrics, a half-off half-yard. Still have over ¾ of it, and ironically, the whole fabric cut was a dollar ! I think version 3 is gonna be just the bodice, and a separate skirt or pants. Gets boring making the same thing over and over.

But doesn’t Merri look great ? 

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