Thursday, January 22, 2015

Haven't seen a takeover bid like this since Turner and Murdoch...

Snow ! We woke up to about a half-inch of it, pretty and white, showing the cardinals and wrens in the backyard to their best advantage. Too bad it was nearly all melted by 11am, Junior-kitty could have used it for camouflage. Birds here are kind of mean. When he goes stalking, they tease him !

Speaking of snow, is it wrong that I sort of want to read those new Frozen chapter books ? The sample chapters, available at that link, along with some downloadable activity pages, were actually fairly well-written, if rather too slow for me. After all, the target audience is less than a fifth of my age ! And the illustrations are pretty, even if you’d think Elsa’d get tired of her ‘snowflake’ gown and train after a while. Just dragging around a cannula and oxygen tube got on my nerves in less than a day, not to mention it picked up dust, stray socks, and the occasional slumbering cat. I guess I’m behind the times yet again, I was surprised to learn the 120+ page books are ten bucks each, although that is for a hardback. A little more if you’d prefer a more durable Library cover. Guess that’s a cheap price for parents if it encourages their kids to read – over on Amazon, they’re flagged as bestsellers. You go, Arendelle !

And I even have the perfect snack for a cozy read. Yup. Frozen cereal. Those white and blue blobs are supposed to be snow and ice crystal marshmallows. No one’s explained the weird shape of the cereal itself. I find m’self wanting to see exactly what a Collector’s Edition box of cereal looks like. I’m sure I’ve seen other Collector Edition cereals before, I just wasn’t aware of them when I was looking for knockoff corn flakes. And yes, I have seen the Frozen fruit snacks. They always lose out to Cheez-Its or potato chips. Maybe one day…

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  1. Have you seen the Frozen jellybeans that Jelly Belly put out? They're GLITTERY!