Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I wore shorts today. It wasn’t pretty.

They're supposed to be snowflakes, but since I hand-stitched 'em,
they look more like stars. Oh, well. 
Jo-Ann Fabrics issued an Invitation To Shop to me today – so I did ! I also returned library books, donated the junk in the trunk, toured three thrifts, and got what I needed so we’ll be ready for tomorrow’s MUGA. Since Dearest Son will be hangin’ with his grandparents, I got them the cat chow they asked for, and I’m also sending him with a bag of his favorite popcorn and a fresh 79c cauliflower. MIL, like Dearest and me, loves raw cauliflower, and it’s been expensive since Thanksgiving. She can keep it all, I have two !

You may be surprised to learn that, while I hit three thrifts today – and found that ‘new’ hospital one, finally ! – I didn’t spend a dime at any of ‘em. Was tempted, but I’m really keeping my eyes open for a $5. or less TV I can lift. While I saw TVs from $5. to $25., they were all either huge or too expensive, so I’m hoping OldTown thrift will have something tomorrow.

And, the only thing I bought at Jo-Ann’s was the single silver sequin tiara they had left in stock. They had some pretty turquoise ones, several gold ones, and an overstock of red, but that one silver was evidently waiting for me. The fabric I saw on the website that I wanted to see in person wasn’t what I really wanted, so I didn’t buy any – even if it’d been perfectly what I did want, it’d have to wait ‘til Friday. Plus, I really want to make more of an effort to use what I got. I’ve pulled most of my white fabric together, and yes, it’s more than the drawer can hold, in every thickness from transparent to canvas, so you know I have plenty of everything else, too. While digging for a particular piece, I found a gorgeous ‘galactic’ print that’s too big for most of my dolls, but would probably make an awesome cover for Odyssey. Oh, and the Christmas gingerbread houses are still only 50% off. It was funny to see two of the three markdown fabrics I bought at the first of the month stacked next to each other on the sale rack !

I was about to throw away the hang-tag that was on the toy Furby I bought at Dollar Tree yesterday, but I remembered I have several out-of-date magnetic calendars waiting for a crafting. A few minutes with scissors, some glue and heavy books, and we have a new Furby fridge magnet ! And I’ve halved 2013. 

Well, tomorrow starts early. Wish me luck ! 

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