Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm getting better... I hope.

I am nearly wiped out ! Cooking nearly all our meals takes it out of me. Not to mention the cleaning. I’d ask my guys for some help, but I get vague promises they’ll do it later ‘til the kitchen’s unusable, and it’s a bigger mess I end up cleaning anyway. It’s easier to just keep it picked up as I go. And I made a fantastic dinner – meatloaf, hand-mashed potatoes with garlic and mozzarella cheese, beans baked in brown sugar and ketchup sauce, and corn. Both my fellas went back for seconds. It was sooo good, but I probably gained five pounds, darn me for making such tasty things…

Plus, as a mid-week pick-me-up, Dearest Son and I made gingerbread cookies. From an Aldi’s pouch, otherwise just assembling the ingredients would be cost prohibitive. They came out pretty well, for the most part. We made sure to eat the small batch with burned bottoms before Beloved Hubby came home, and even those were delicious. When I get to go back to Aldi’s, I’m buying at least four more cookie-pouches. We never quite get the three dozen yield on the packaging, but the two dozen we do get are warm and heavenly – and only cost $1.59, an egg, and a few minutes of electricity ! The one Dollar Tree pouch I tried just wasn’t as good, and didn’t make nearly as much. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen them in a while.

Plus, I’ve caught a cold. It’s not too bad, just my throat hurts and my nose is red from frequent tissue friction. And we actually buy good tissues ! I shouldn’t be surprised, my fingertips are so dry, they snag fabric. I’ve been applying lotion several times a day, but between hand-washing and kitchen cleaning, they’re still sandpaper-dry. 

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