Thursday, January 29, 2015

What a day !

Had to drive back to the VA when I realized I was completely out of a very important can't-do-without-it-for-a-day prescription. (sigh) I thought I had another whole bottle. At least the VA's pharmacy's only an hour away, and we missed rush hour traffic. I have learned, however, that my personal vision of Hades is being forced to wait for something called in hours previous, with nothing to do but watch for my name (then get into another line) on the one screen that isn't showing endless reruns of How I Met Your Mother. And it's Service Dog / PTSD Dog Day, too ! Just glad Dearest Son was able to go with the flow. It was even more boring for him, I'm sure. 

At least we got to go out to lunch today, just me and him ! Once at the chicken place, I had a decision – get two nice lunch plates, or spend $3. more, and bring home enough fried chicken for lunch and dinner, plus a gallon of tea and an individual order of the fries he loves so. Yup. I made baked potatoes to go with our supper chicken, and we all ate well. Beloved Hubby was impressed with my economy. Hope he remains so when I start to whine I want something…

The chicken was also a good idea – the new hard drive we ordered for Dearest’s computer arrived, right on time, and that pretty much took all of Beloved’s evening. It was great to have a quick meal we all like that could be reheated according to the diner’s schedule and appetite. Dearest already had a brand-new copy of Vista (what can I say, he loathes Win8) to install, and it worked well except for a hundred or so vital updates (grin). Only problem we really had was that we couldn’t find the drivers for his wireless modem that’d work with the older OS. After trying for over an hour, Beloved borrowed my printer cable and gave Dearest a temporary wired online connection and installed his choice of browser. We’ll figure something out this weekend.

For his part, Dearest is most appreciative, and said he can deal with a wired online connection indefinitely. And tomorrow (it’s still updating), he can customize his ‘new’ computer with the programs he wants. I’m thrilled – I get to keep my computer all day and all night tomorrow ! Wheeee !

After all the planned and sudden travelling all week, I just wanna stay home tomorrow ! 

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  1. Glad your son will have his computer back to free yours. I just gave my father my old computer after making sure there was nothing lurking. I made his anti virus was up to date.

    I hate waiting for anything I need medical wise. I think that's also why I get out to the stores early to avoid those crowds & lines :O)