Friday, January 9, 2015

I think January is shaping up to be 'no picture' month.

I wish I knew what’s wrong with me. Gained four and a half pounds last night, somehow, and that seemed to set the theme of the day. Even though Beloved Hubby told me that Dearest Son and I could go out for lunch, long as I kept to a certain amount, we stayed home. Was tempted to text him after lunch to come home soon, we’re out of leftovers. Instead, because Netflix is due to snag its monthly fees out of Secondary Checking tomorrow, I went ahead and transferred the amount today, just in case. Oddly, it was only $2. less than my lunch limit.

Then I made the stupid mistake of reading doll blogs owned by people who have no problems at all dropping $72. for an AG doll’s holiday gown and coat. Or $500. for an AG French Bakery just big enough for maybe four dolls to fit inside, if none of ‘em have Texas hair. These weren’t just one-time splurges – nope, these folks barely left their homes without dropping triple digits several times a week on their dolls, and they’re quite happy to show you numerous photos of the store and their buys. Sure, I’m jealous, but… dang. Maybe the economy is improving, but I don’t see any food pantries or shelters closing their doors from lack of customers. I shouldn’t criticize, it’s none of my business, and I know nothing about these people beyond what’s on their blog, but when you’re struggling, it’s hard to see someone spend $70. on dog food. Maybe especially ‘cause while their stuff’s got nothin’ to do with you, it still seems like a swat to the back of the head.

So, yeah, I’ve been kind of down all day. I have a VA appointment Wednesday, sort of a pre-check before the pacemaker surgery on the 22nd, and I’m trying not to think about it so I don’t freak out. I’ve already seen videos on how it’ll be done, and it’s very low-risk, but I’m still scared.

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