Friday, January 23, 2015

Please meet the fully armed and operational... Odyssey !

Didn’t get to play with my new sewing machine until after supper, and it was too dark to take pictures. But, oh, I love Odyssey. Yes, that’s her name. She wanted to be called Rarity at first, but after being introduced to two dolls and several ponies by that name already, she settled on Odyssey, or Odee, for short.

She scared me at first. Finally got her all plugged in… took a breath and stepped on the foot pedal. Whirrrrr. But nothing moved. Whirrrrr. Unplugged the foot pedal and pressed the ‘go sew ‘til I tell you to stop’ button, and got a similar whirrrr, one that I could feel coming from the vent holes on the side as a light breeze. Oh, man, wouldn’t that be the luck ? She lights up and everything, but doesn’t work at all ! I was about to settle into some heavy-duty self-chiding and cursing the donor when I remembered. Brother machines have sort of odd bobbin winders. They barely seem to move at all when they’re engaged, and unlike my first Singer, the needle doesn’t move a bit. Yup. The bobbin winder was activated. Once I moved it back, she put more action in her whirr, and she was ready to sew !

As you can see, Odee is awesome. All the stitches I tried work, and I can even play with the sizes, as the scrap in the middle shows. Wow. It even tells me what presser foot to use with the stitches ! Which, again, I have all but the walking foot from Brody, and they fit perfectly. Printed out a few select pages from the manual for reference – didn’t need to print the whole thing, most of it’s identical to Brody’s. I blessed the donor, hoped he/she would someday be rewarded for his/her kindness, and had fun playin’ ‘til bedtime.

Today, however, has not gone very well. Got my computer back from Dearest Son to discover it’d picked up Bing somehow. I’m sorry, I don’t care how ‘benign’ it is, when I have to delete it three times from under hidden names and reconfigure my browser settings and restart twice, Bing is not benign. I reassigned my curses to Bing developers.

And I didn’t win the Tiny Doll Sewing Challenge. Didn’t even get a mention or a ‘thanks for trying’ note. Kinda figured I wouldn’t,  although mine had the highest view count, but while my images got favorited, it wasn’t  by Jen*Wrenne, the challenge and pattern creator. You can guess which ones did win. Oh, well. I’m still proud of what I sewed – let’s face it, getting that pattern to work on a doll with even a small bustline took a lot of skill ! Plus, I did it with a buncha 2 ¼” scraps on one. At least, that’s how I’m consoling m’self.

We went out to eat, and it was heavenly. I may have binged on the food, but I was good at the drink bar. Tried Sobe ‘LifeWater’, a beverage line I’ve avoided just because of the uber-grandiose name. The restaurant had Yumberry Pomegranate, a flavor I would have also avoided due to it’s ridiculous moniker, but it was that or sugar sodas. It was actually fairly good, kind of an adult Kool-ade – water with flavor, just more subtle than Strawberry Blast. In fact, I could say that a good chunk of the taste actually came from the scent and aftertaste more than the beverage itself. At least, at zero calories, it was something I could refill on, and enjoy my dinner most heartily with !

I’ll probably sew tomorrow. Just not in the mood for it today. I’m leaning towards some more embroidery…

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