Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dollar Tree, bringer of light...well, cheap, small light.

Still a bit down, I’m hoping it’s the lack of sun these past couple of days. My cold’s gotten a bit worse, and for the first time since I got put on Symbicort, had to use the inhaler when I went to get my hold book from the Library. I was wheezing and getting a bit light-headed, but the rescue inhaler got me safely home.

Luckily, I was restless before, much earlier, and decided to visit Dollar Tree with Dearest Son – good thing I checked our bank balance first. Last night’s cash deposit was nowhere to be seen. Weird, it was there last night. I refreshed a couple times, nothing changed. Well, we now bounced a $3. Sevvy run thanks to no deposit, but that was all. So I called, grateful I had the deposit receipt – it was put down to a ‘transfer glitch’, whatever that means, and the money’s there now, but they’re still showing us in the red for that one withdrawal. Hope that gets fixed in the overnights, we are not paying a $17. NSF fee due to their error.

So we went to DTree while Beloved Hubby took an afternoon nap – I got a few things we needed, and a couple snacks we didn’t. You can see the adorable miniature lamp I got for the DP&M girls. It comes with batteries and really works ! Not a lot of light, but I’m still impressed. Also comes in red and blue. A bit too big for Barbie-size dolls, but with some perspective tricks (like putting it on the far side of the doll’s desk), you could probably make it work in photos. Wish they’d had a white one. Even though all the tech is in the head of the lamp, the base is weighted so it doesn’t tip over. Cool !

If you look over Elsa’s shoulder, you can see the ‘Magic Towel’ I also snagged. If you’re unfamiliar with those, ‘Magic Towel’ really should be ‘Magic Washcloth’, they’re quite small. But hey, even a thin, scratchy washcloth with a licensed character on it for just a buck isn’t gonna be bath sheet sized. This is the first one I’ve seen that wasn’t Anna or Olaf only. If there was an Elsa solo one, it’s long been picked out.

I’m glitching on the embroidery machine, just flat-out locking up going near it again, even though I know darn well the only thing stopping me is me. I hope to just get over it tonight, because I snagged four gorgeous new designs, and only had to pay a couple bucks combined for two of ‘em.

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