Friday, January 2, 2015

You see who really wears the tiaras around here !

Here's 'KJ', my Kenmore-Janome sewing machine in pink,
and 'Brody' my Brother embroidery machine, in blue. 

First TGIF of 2015 ! Hope yours was great !

Another busy one here. Dearest Son and I got the last of the furniture upstairs and placed, then loaded up the roll-cart with more backyard garbage from the previous tenants. Won’t be long now before all we can trash in a pick-up can is gone, and unless Beloved Hubby can chain-saw the sofas, the two smashed TVs, and the old water heater, we’ll have to either run it to the Transfer Station and pay a few bucks for disposal, or wait ‘til Spring Clean (2015 schedule not yet determined) and hurf it to the curb. It’ll be so nice to see cardinals, wrens, and squirrels back there instead of broken chairs, old mini-blinds, torn-up carpet, and unidentifiable stuff in going-fast bags. And I can cancel the second can – although it’s a negligible fee, we just won’t need it after the backyard mess is cleared.

I just wanna know, why is it always raining when we have to do that ? Holiday schedule shifts or not, each time we’ve had the can to gather the others’ trash, it’s been raining.

I confess, I’ve been pining a bit for our Wii, mostly for Wii Fit. I’d meant to restart that when we moved here, but our console has pretty much had it, far as games go. I haven’t been doing my workouts, either – but today I found out that our AT&T TV (that we’re really not using) has an interactive and programmable workout channel, and it’s free, too. There’s also music and games channels. Hoping to try it tomorrow.

The shopping spree is definitely over. Glad I didn’t spend much ! I worked the bills, and we are gonna be tight for a couple weeks. Luckily we don’t need much. And I got so much to play with !

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