Saturday, January 17, 2015

First World Problems, yeah, I got 'em...

I’m still getting postcard and phonecall reminders of my cancelled pacemaker surgery, so I gotta call my primary care doctor, make sure it’s been cancelled. If it shows that I simply stood the appointment up, it’ll be 2016 before I get scheduled again, if I’m lucky – I’ll get put at the end of any queue for months. Of course, the cards and calls didn’t come ‘til today, so it’ll have to wait ‘til Monday. Ah, well.

Got a little restless this afternoon, so I left my fellas watching various screens and headed out to Big Lots. I’ve been wanting to just wander around there by m’self, and today seemed like a good chance to do so. I may be the only person in America that looks on the Wasa Crispbreads as a delicious treat, not just tummy-filler diet food, but I do know BLots has ‘em for $2. a package, instead of the usual $3-something everywhere else. I got Sourdough, Light Rye, and Multigrain, one of each they carried.

They still have Christmas candy, and it’s just now at 75% off. Nothing I wanted, but I bought a tray of tree-shaped Peeps for the sheer cheep sweets factor. Décor was 90% off, but we already have plenty, and Dollar Tree was still cheaper before the holidays than some of their stuff on markdown. Got oven light bulbs (they don’t work, gotta take ‘em back) and a three pack of full-size bags of Cheddar and Pretzel Goldfish for $3. That was so weird. There’s a sticker on the package, saying Pepperidge Farms deemed these not quite up to specs, so they’re cheap, but they hope they still satisfy. How strange.

Started feeling a little light headed and fuzzy, so I got to the car and ate a tree. Nothing like Peeps, in all their sugar-coated marshmallow goodness, to get your blood sugar back up. Felt so good I ate another one. Wow. When you curtail your sugar and suddenly get some, it’s like rocket fuel when you’re used to water.

A trip to Dollar General got us the soda Beloved Hubby wanted, along with a pretty snowflake-etched juice glass and a thin oven mitt with sugar cookie mix for 75% off. If they’d had more of those glasses, I’d have bought ‘em. The cashier wanted to debate me on the potholder, saying it was food and was only 50% off. Fine with me, but I showed her where she needed to move the box of ‘em, as the holiday food display was an aisle over, and all the signage up and down the aisle and  taped to the potholder display box was a solid 75% off all around. Honestly, I’m not sure why I was so compelled to buy it, other than the lure of sugar cookies for maybe a quarter cheaper than the Aldi’s pouch mixes…

Is it wrong that I want to critique the applique and embroidery technique of someone in China who’s probably only getting paid pennies per piece ? Yeah, I thought so. I am such a First Worlder…

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