Sunday, January 4, 2015

Slow but active Sunday...

Another quiet home day. Baked three apples to use them up, but while I had the brown sugar the recipe called for, I didn’t have cinnamon. So I crushed some of Dearest Son’s breakfast cereal and sprinkled that around the Pyrex instead. Added some raisins later. Not sure if it made a difference, but while the apples were mushy, they were delicious and smelled heavenly. And they were eaten up pretty quick. Since I still have more apples, I may wait and do it again Friday, especially if we’ve snagged some vanilla ice cream by then ! And cinnamon.

Beloved Hubby put in six hours of work today, so I tried to do about the same in housework. My ‘keep the kitchen clean, five minutes at a time’ thing is working. While I’m waiting for something to finish cooking, or start boiling, I rinse dishes, load / unload the dishwasher, clean up the hand-washables, soak the dirty stuff, wipe down counters. Heck, I’m in there anyway. Then, after the dinner dishes, about all I have to do is a quick counter-wipe, and the kitchen’s clean and ready for a new day, nothing in the sink and nothing to dread. My day seems to go better when the kitchen’s in good shape.

Decided that Dearest Son’s now in charge of keeping the living room tidy, and we worked on it together after breakfast to get a firm idea of what it should look like. I’ll probably still have to ride herd on him, especially if the TV is on, but he’s old enough to learn some cleaning. Since most of the mess is his anyway…

Tried the AT& T Interactive Workout today. Ummm… well. So far, the workouts are very short, and there’s only a few of them. Even so, while the model manages to get twelve reps on each side, they never show her switching sides, which takes me a few seconds, so I’m either running behind or shaving off a few reps. I haven’t figured out how to ‘favorite’ anything so it’s in My Workout, but there’s so few of ‘em, it’s hardly worth the research. All that said, I was wheezing a bit in five minutes, and burned about 38 calories (then had the aforementioned baked apple slices), so it hardly seems worth it, but even a little exercise is better than none. Still, I think making m’self use the upstairs bathroom is more of a steady workout than AT&T’s.

The interactive music channels aren’t much of an improvement over the ‘regular’ cable music channels – there’s not one Trance or Techno or House channel in either of the interactives, much less the regular. I liked the Swing and Singers channel, but you can find 40s music anywhere. You win again, internet.

No time to sew today, but I’ve cut out version 2 of the dress I stitched yesterday, with the revamped pattern. Hope it works ! Should have some time to try it tomorrow.

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