Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My reward for my sinless, blameless life...

Ya’ll are sooo gonna laugh at me. Got tapped to take M&FIL to their doctor’s appointment today, which is driving an hour to drive them a mile. Then to their pharmacist, for some reason – they always get a prescription delivery the next day, but I have to drive them to the pharm (on the other side of town) the day of their appt. Still, that meant I could hit that good thrift in PreviousTown while Dearest Son and I were waiting, so I was looking forward to it.

Evidently I’ve been a good girl. Because what was waiting for me at the thrift store ? A lookin’-like-new Brother CS-6000i computerized sewing machine ! For $4.98 ! True, almost everything it came with, from feet to pedal to power cord, was gone, but I knew Brody, my Brother embroidery machine, had the same exact power cord and foot pedal sockets, so I figured I could use those. In fact, it rather looked like Brody, too.

I’d be kind of taking a chance, because without the cord, I didn’t know if it’d even power up, but it looked like a really nice machine. And the bobbin was loaded with familiar thread – this was the pre-loaded bobbin that came with the machine. I also knew the thrift has a wall of 99¢ random power cords on hooks… ah ! That one looks familiar. Let’s take it over to the Test Area …Yes ! It powered up and looked to be pretty stable, even if I wasn’t sure what it was doing. Brother.com always has manuals for free download, so that wasn’t an issue. Was it worth $5. for me to have a third machine, with all these pretty stitches ? If it even worked at all ? 

Oh, wait. It’s Tuesday. Military Appreciation Day = 25% off ! Sent Dearest off for a shopping cart, this little beauty’s goin’ home with us ! Power cord, too. He found a game peripheral he wanted, and I found a Dollar Tree package of party favor mini tiaras, perfect for dolls. 19¢. Then a pair of kids’ velvet pants, flawless and perfect for doll crafts, 29¢.

And the hits just kept on coming. Snagged two like-new sweatshirts for Beloved Hubby, a decorative hardback copy of Gene Simmons’ Ladies of the Night (what I previewed was an actual more-or-less scholarly study, with art and literature throughout), and a vintage tennis racket. With my discount, I hauled all that home for the stunning sum of $11.11. Wow. I could hardly wait to get home and play with my big new toy, but M&FIL’s appointment wasn’t over yet, and I was a little tired of spinning around the thrift. So Dearest and I got a cheap snack and sale teas from Walgreen’s across the street, then ate and talked in the parking lot. We pulled in Beloved via text messaging. He didn’t know about the sewing machine yet. (giggle)

A short while later, they were ready to come home, and they didn’t need the pharmacy, their doctor wasn’t there today, and would call in their ‘scripts for delivery tomorrow. Yaay ! I left feeling good for helping them a little, and excited to be home soon with my new goodies !

Beloved was very impressed, and didn’t blame me one bit for snapping up the deal of the year, even when I have two working-great machines. He said that it was clever of me to check the Wall of Cords, and since I was the only one to take the chance, I not only deserved it, but it was clearly made for me. Kinda ranks for the person who paid $200 - $145. for it, but these things can’t be helped.

Only thing is, I was all prepared for a night of machine embroidery. I’d washed and bleached a load of white fabric – it goes to blazes quick, between the dust and the cat, and the piece I wanted to use had a stain – and was all set to hoop it up when we got home. Instead, I’m reading the new machine’s manual, comparing it with Brody’s, and cackling slightly. Guess I need to make a new sewing machine cover. And visit Jo-Ann’s again soon, if I can’t find my rainbow crown ! I’m thinking silver for this new sweetie !

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  1. Whoa! I'm impressed, that's an astonishing deal! Way to go!