Monday, January 26, 2015

So sleepy...

Belle’s new skirt is still a work in progress, one I hope to show tomorrow. For now, though, the larger girls have a new pet to play with ! Took Dearest Son to Dollar Tree this morning, and he found ‘pencil topper’ miniature, non-mechanized Furbies over in the collectable cards/sticker display. He thought they were finger-puppets, and they work just fine that way, too. Most were primary colors, but I liked this one the best. He has matching feet, and all the ones I saw share  the same expression, a decent version of machine embroidery. Kinda wish I had that design, I’d make some really odd Furbies ! His hang-tag is as big as he is (about 3” tall from feet to ears).

We also toured two thrifts and a pawn shop. Dearest found a CoolPix camera he liked at the pawn – it cost him all his saved-up allowance, but he’s very happy with it. It even came with the original box and manual, everything but the storage media card and USB cable. It’s easy to find the cable online, but since we’ll be at OldTown Wednesday, we’ll check that good thrift’s Wall of Cables first. I snagged Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Batteries Not Included from the 99c DVD shelves at the pawn. That's mostly why I go there, cheap DVDs.

I found two huge TVs, one on sale for $5., my target price, but there was no way to get it home, and I honestly didn’t like the picture. It looked way too orange, and very fuzzy. The smaller one I liked, with good color and small enough to fit in Emmy-car, was too expensive at three times my budget. Ah, well. We’ll see what happens later this week.

I’ve finished two Nicholas Sparks novels (The Guardian, The Lucky One) and remain unimpressed. I feel like I just read fanfic treatments of two Lifetime movies. About the only real difference in them was who owned the incredibly intelligent and fiercely loyal dog, and the motivations of the unhinged bad guy. Since the donation pile in my trunk is getting big, I hope to have ‘em both gone tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I gotta get some sleep. My medical anxiety has kicked in early, and gave me raging insomnia last night. It was further aggravated by Dearest waking me up every 20 minutes of my hour-long attempt at a nap. (yawn)

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