Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hi, Rarity !

Took today to just relax and get over things. And go through my neglected e-mail in-box. And my wreck of an Arena. Found the Tiny Doll Sewing Challenge free pattern I printed out from Wren*Feathers, and figured out that the bodice – with some of the too-long back length snipped – would fit both the MH and MLP dolls, and that little scrap left from the Elsa fabric snowglobe ornament.

It stitched up a bit too…suggestive as a dress for MH (ok as a high-waist skirt, though), but kinda cute on Rarity, so I worked it up again, altering the bodice to make it longer, but keeping the original back closure. Instead of a single skirt, I decided to go for a tiered one, letting the fabric scraps dictate the skirts’ fluffiness and length. Came out OK, but a bit loose along the sides. So I drew in a pair of darts, and we’ll see how they go.

For now, I went ahead and entered today’s image in the contest. Prize is three free similarly sized patterns for a doll I don’t own, but what the heck. Since I don’t desperately want the prize, it won’t be a big deal if I don’t win. I never do win these kinds of contests, and it usually ends with me hating on myself and my limited skills, so it’s rare for me to enter, but I think I can handle disappointment this time. 

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